I will sing unto the Lord; I will sing praise to the Lord God.@Judges 5:3
John B. Vaughan (1862–1918)

Eu­la­lie M. Vaugh­an, in Crowning Carols (Wa­co, Tex­as: Trio Music, 1908).

John B. Vaugh­an (🔊 pdf nwc). He and Eulalie were husband and wife.

Sing a song unto the Lord,
Praise and magnify His name;
Jesus’ blood was shed for me
When the Lamb of God was slain.


Sing, oh! sing a song of Jesus’ love,
Sing, oh! sing of Him who reigns above;
Sing, my soul, adore His name,
Christ is coming back again.

God the merciful and true
Gave His Son to die for you;
He will keep till life is thro’,
If you love His will to do.


Jesus, once for sinners slain,
Peace unto our souls did bring;
Sing, oh! sing, ye ransomed, sing
Make the hallelujahs ring.