No­vem­ber 7, 1847, East Li­ver­pool, Ohio.

Sep­tem­ber 20, 1909, New York City.

Ri­ver­view Ce­me­te­ry, East Li­ver­pool, Ohio.

Rebuffed in ear­ly at­tempts to sell his songs to com­mer­cial pub­lish­ers, Thomp­son start­ed his own pub­lish­ing com­pa­ny. He lat­er op­ened a store to sell pi­a­nos, or­gans and sheet mu­sic.

A lyr­i­cist and com­pos­er, he en­sured he would al­ways re­mem­ber words or tunes that came to him at odd times:

No mat­ter where I am, at home or ho­tel, at the store or tra­vel­ing, if an idea or theme comes to me that I deem wor­thy of a song, I jot it down in verse. In this way I ne­ver lose it.

Thompson took ill dur­ing a tour of Eur­ope, and his fa­mi­ly cut short its tra­vels to re­turn home. He died a few weeks lat­er.

His works in­clude:

  1. Christ Is Ris­en
  2. Have I Done Any Good?
  3. Jesus Is All the World to Me
  4. Lead Me Gent­ly Home, Fa­ther
  5. Put Your Shoul­der to the Wheel
  6. Sinner and the Song, The
  7. Softly and Ten­der­ly Je­sus Is Call­ing
  8. Tell Me More of Je­sus
  9. There’s a Great Day Com­ing
  10. ’Tis Time to Say Good-Night
  1. Acton
  2. While Here
  3. Whither Are You Go­ing?