Circa 1608–1674


Died: Sep­tem­ber 11, 1784, Nörd­ling­en, Ba­var­ia, Ger­ma­ny.


[Sturm] became Mas­ter in the La­tin School, and Can­tor (pre­cent­or) in St. George’s Church, at Nörd­ling­en, Ba­var­ia, in 1635.

In the church reg­is­ters at Nörd­ling­en he is des­cribed as of Fehl­burg in the Pfalz (? Pfalz­burg in Al­sace).

Eight hymns, by Sturm, are in­clud­ed in the Ap­pen­dix to the New­ver­mehr­te christ­liche Seel­eh­arpf, On­oltz­bach (An­sbach), 1664-65 [Hei­del­berg Uni­ver­si­ty Lib­ra­ry]; and ele­ven in the Nörd­ling­isch­er Kirch­en-Schall, od­er Geist­liche Seel­en-Lust, Nörd­ling­en, 1676 [Wer­ni­ge­ro­de Lib­ra­ry].

Julian, p. 1100



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