September 15, 1856, Winchester, Wisconsin.

September 15, 1921 (his birthday).

Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison, Wisconsin.


Strömme was the son of Hans and Elin Olson, and husband of Laura Marie Ericksen.

He graduated from Luther College, Decorah, Iowa (BA 1876) and Concordia Seminary (1879). After seminary, he pastored in Mayville, North Dakota; Ada, Minnesota; and Nelson, Wisconsin; and served as superintendent of schools in Norman County, Minnesota. In 1887, he joined the faculty of St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, moving to Mt. Horeb Academy, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, in 1893. He edited the Norden (1887–89), Daglige Tidende (1889), Amerika (1895–98), the Minneapolis Tidende (1899–1903), Politiken (1904), and Vor Tid (1904–05). His works include:

  1. Full Many Shall Come
  2. On Thy Heart Imprint Thine Image