Early 20th Century

We have little data on Stone, except that he was a minister. His works include:

  1. All Doubt Has Left My Troubled Soul
  2. Blessed Are They, Though Poor
  3. Early in the Morning, at the Break of Day
  4. Genesis and Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers
  5. Hallelujah! I’m Saved
  6. Hear the Savior Gently Calling, Come Tonight
  7. I Must Go and Tell Jesus My Sorrow
  8. I’m Bound for the Heavenly Kingdom
  9. Jesus Is the Children’s Friend
  10. Jesus Knows by Name His Sheep
  11. Lovest Thou Me, ’Tis the Savior That Asks Thee
  12. Marshall, Ye Hosts of God
  13. O Come in Childhood’s Happy Hours
  14. Rose of Sharon, Wondrous Fair
  15. Savior Is Calling, Child Come Home, The
  16. See the Foe Advancing Like a Mighty Throng
  17. There Is a Life of Bliss Divine
  18. Walk Not in the Path of the Sinful
  19. When I Am Tired and Sorely Tempted
  20. When I Shall Stand Before the Judge