January 24, 1833, Washington, DC.

June 20, 1891, Portsmouth, Virginia.

Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Virginia.


During the American civil war, Staples served in the Union Army of the Potomac as a captain, then major, in the Quartermaster Department. His army service was remembered the rest of his life: More than one obituary referred to him as Major Staples.

After the war, Staples was chief clerk in the navy yard in Portsmouth, Virginia, until the second term of President Ulysses S. Grant (1873), when he became postmaster of Portsmouth, a position he held eight years. His wife was Annie Maria Fowler Staples.

Staples’ works include:

  1. Almost a Christian
  2. Anywhere with Jesus
  3. Awake, Awake at Early Dawn
  4. Beautiful Flowers
  5. Beautiful Land of Song, The
  6. Beautiful Realm of Delight
  7. Because the Master Calls
  8. Behold, He Stands Waiting
  9. Beyond the Grieving
  10. Bring in the Bright Golden Sheaves
  11. Child’s Morning Prayer, A
  12. Christian’s Hope
  13. Christian’s Work Song, The
  14. Closer to Jesus
  15. Come and Welcome
  16. Come to Him in Prayer
  17. Come with Us (Opening)
  18. Dark and Turbid River, The
  19. Dark Was the Night
  20. Do I Need Thee, Savior
  21. Do I Not Need Thee, Savior Divine?
  22. Draw Me Closer to Thee
  23. Ever, Ever On
  24. Father, Behold Me Now
  25. Glad We Meet
  26. God’s Great Love
  27. Gospel Echoes
  28. Gospel Is Calling, The
  29. Happy Here Again We Meet
  30. Harvest Is Ready, The
  31. Have Mercy
  32. Hear My Humble Plea
  33. Hear, O Hear Me, Loving Savior
  34. Home in Heaven, A
  35. I Love to Sing of Heaven
  36. I Love to Think of Jesus
  37. I Only Wish to Know This Truth
  38. I Trust in Thee
  39. In Him Confiding
  40. Invocation, An
  41. Jesus Is Coming Again
  42. Jesus Is Here
  43. Look Away from Self
  44. Look, Sinner, Look!
  45. My Beautiful Home
  46. My Peace I Will Give unto Thee
  47. Naught Can I Do
  48. New Pearls of Song
  49. Nothing, Lord, Have I to Bring
  50. O Savior, Precious Savior
  51. Oh, Do Not Refuse
  52. Open the Windows of Heaven
  53. Our Days Are Swiftly Gliding By
  54. Out in the World
  55. Passing This Way
  56. Portals of Light, The
  57. Rifted Rock, The
  58. Ring the Bells
  59. Room at the Throne of Grace
  60. Sabbath Chimes, The
  61. Sad the Silence at Parting
  62. Savior’s Call, The
  63. Savior’s Love, The
  64. Scatter Golden Grain
  65. Send the Gospel
  66. Silent Watches
  67. Some Sweet Day
  68. Soul’s Bethesda, The
  69. Speak for Jesus
  70. Summer Land of Song
  71. Supplicant’s Prayer, The
  72. There Is a Hope That Never Dies
  73. Thy Father Loves Thee
  74. Time of Parting
  75. ’Tis Sweet to Rest My Faith on Thee
  76. To Him Who Dwells and Reigns on High
  77. To Thee, in Youth’s Bright Morning
  78. We Are Passing Away
  79. We Haste to Sabbath School
  80. We’ll Greet Them By and By
  81. Whosoever Believeth
  82. Why Not Be Saved?
  83. With the Love of Jesus
  84. Work for All
  85. Work for the Savior’s Glory
  1. Egloshayle