August 26, 1827, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

October 15, 1888, Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Fairview Cemetery, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Schmucker’s father was S. S. Schmuck­er, a professor at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Get­tys­burg. Beale graduated from Pennsylvania College in Get­tys­burg in 1844, and from the seminary in 1847, entering the ministry that same year.

His first charge was the Lutheran congregation at Mar­tins­burg, Virginia, where he served until 1851. The next year he accepted a call to Al­len­town, Pennsylvania, where he organized an English congregation and built St. John’s Church. In 1802, he accepted a call to St. John’s Lutheran Church in Eas­ton, Pennsylvania, and in 1867 to St. James’ Lutheran Church, Read­ing, Pennsylvania.

Schmucker served as secretary of the Executive Committee of the Synod of Pennsylvania, and of the Board of Directors of the Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, and was on the Board of Trustees for Muhl­en­burg College.

  1. O Thou Joyful Day

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