July 18, 1606, St. Thomas’ Church, Leipzig, Germany.

Apparently May 4, 1673, Berlin, Germany.

Kloster Kirche, Berlin, Germany.

Schirmer was the son of Michael Schir­mer, inspector of wine casks in Leip­zig.

He entered the University of Leip­zig on East­er, 1619 (MA 1630).

In 1636 he was appointed sub­rec­tor, and in 1651 con­rec­tor, of the Grey­friars Gym­na­si­um in Ber­lin. During his con­rec­tor­ship the rec­tor­ship fell vacant several times, and each time, after Schir­mer had officiated as pro­rec­tor during the vacancy, a younger man was set over him (probably due to Schir­mer’s feeble health).

In May 1668, the sub­rec­tor was promoted over him. Schir­mer retired that same year and spent the remainder of his life in Ber­lin.

In 1868, he published a version of the Æneid in Ger­man Al­ex­an­drine verse.

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