Ju­ly 6, 1800, Lau­sanne, Swit­zer­land.

De­cem­ber 12, 1870, Ve­vey, Swit­zer­land.

Charles was the son of Al­phonse Lou­is Re­cor­don (Al­phonse Re­co­rdon?) and Mar­gue­rite Clerc, and husband of Lou­ise Cath­er­ine Wal­ther.

Ordained in 1824, he served as pastor of the French Protestant Church of Flor­ence, It­a­ly (1829–31). Back in Swit­zer­land, he became a preacher of the oratory of Vev­ey (nucleus of the future Free Church) where he co-founded the So­ci­é­té pour la Sanc­ti­fi­ca­tion du Di­manche in the canton of Vaud (1834).

In 1840, he gave up his position in the national church, as he no longer supported government involvement in ecclesiastical matters.

Soon after he joined the Dar­by­ites, where he ministered three decades and was first editor of their magazine Le Mes­sa­ger Évan­gé­lique, founded in 1860.

He was known as a writer, poet and hymnist, and collaborated on the 1855 Ve­vey translation of the New Testament. His other works in­clude:

  1. Béni Soit le Seigneur, Notre Dieu, Notre Père
  2. Chantons, Chantons sans Cesse
  3. Chantons, Frères, Chantons de Notre Tendre Père
  4. Dieu d’Amour, Dieu de Toute Grâce!
  5. Du Sein de la Faiblesse
  6. Jésus, le Fils de Dieu
  7. Louons d’un Même Cœur Notre Dieu, Notre Père
  8. Par Jésus-Christ Nous T’Offrons
  9. Seigneur, Toi Qui pour Nous T’Offris en Sacrifice
  10. Ta Justice Parfaite et Pure
  11. Tu Donnes la Grâce et la Gloire