April 25, 1843, Ripley County, Indiana.

October 20, 1921, Portland, Oregon.

City View Cemetery, Salem, Oregon.

Parvin was the husband of Adelaide Sutton (married 1866, Bardolph, Illinois).

During the American civil war, he was in Company D, 64th Illinois Infantry. He served for a year until 1862, when he was discharged for a disability.

By 1898, he was a piano and voice instructor at Albany College (now Lewis & Clark College), Portland, Oregon. In 1917, his name, with the title Mus. Doc., appeared on music whose back cover had the commencement program for the Northwest Normal School of Music and Arts.

Parvin’s works include:

  1. Coimbatore
  2. Fort Myers
  3. Prisoner’s Song
  4. Tripoli
  5. Vanderbilt

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