Jan­u­a­ry 14, 1840, Bel­vi­dere, Il­li­nois.

March 11, 1907, In­di­an­a­po­lis, In­di­a­na.

Crown Hill Ce­me­te­ry, In­di­an­a­po­lis, In­di­a­na.

Daniel was the son of Al­bert Lu­cas and Ca­the­rine Ro­bert­son, and hus­band of Ma­ry Long­ley (mar­ried 1862).

In 1868, he moved with his fa­mi­ly to In­di­a­na. There he en­rolled at the In­di­a­na Nor­mal In­sti­tute at Bur­netts­ville, and be­gan preach­ing at the lo­cal church.

After mar­riage, he joined Com­pa­ny C of the 99th In­di­a­na Vol­un­teer In­fan­try as a se­cond lieu­te­nant.

On Oc­to­ber 24, 1862, he was ap­point­ed re­gi­ment­al chap­lain. Eight­een months lat­er, he was trans­ferred to the of­fice of pro­vost mar­shal, where he served un­til the end of the war. His re­gi­ment fought in the Vicks­burg cam­paign, the se­cond Bat­tle of Jac­kson, the Chat­ta­noo­ga cam­paign, the Ba­ttle of Mis­sion­a­ry Ridge, and ma­ny skir­mish­es.

After the war, Lu­cas stu­died for the min­is­try. In 1876, he set­tled in Des Moines, Io­wa, where he pas­tored at the Cen­tral Chris­tian Church and helped found Drake Un­i­ver­si­ty.

In 1888, he re­turned to In­di­a­na to pas­tor the Cen­tral Chris­tian Church of In­di­an­a­po­lis. He al­so served as De­part­ment Com­mand­er of the Grand Ar­my of the Re­pub­lic, and as sec­re­ta­ry of the Mor­ton Mon­u­ment Com­mis­sion.

At the time of his death, he was pas­tor of the Se­venth Church in In­di­an­a­po­lis.

His works in­clude:

  1. Above All Oth­er Names
  2. All the Wea­ry and La­dened with Sor­row
  3. All Things Shall Work for Good
  4. All Truth Is One, the Same
  5. Almost a Chris­tian, Said the King
  6. Along the Tran­quil Path
  7. Ancient Church of Christ Up­rais­ing
  8. As in Ad­am All Die
  9. At Mid­night’s Ho­ly Hour
  10. At the Grave of La­za­rus
  11. Awake, My Soul, and Joy­ful Sing
  12. Blessed Are the Meek, Gen­tle Ones Who Bow
  13. Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
  14. Blessed Are They That Mourn
  15. Blessed Are They Who Are Mak­ers of Peace
  16. Blessed Are Those Who Through the Flame
  17. Blessed the Mer­ci­ful, Filled with Com­pas­sion
  18. Blessed They in Spir­it Poor
  19. Children of the Liv­ing One
  20. Christ Loved the Church
  21. Christian’s Op­en Door, The
  22. Christmas Bells, Joy­ful Swells
  23. Cling Close to the Rock
  24. Come Sin­ners, Come To­day
  25. Do Not Say, To­mor­row I’ll Obey
  26. Far Be­yond Sha­dows
  27. Father, Hear Me While I’m Pray­ing
  28. Father of All, Since Thou Art Near
  29. Fisher Was Out on the Lake, A
  30. For a Lit­tle While Here
  31. For the Hon­or of Our God
  32. Forgive Us Our Debts Now
  33. Forward Now, the Voice of Je­sus Brave­ly Calls
  34. From Hea­ven to Earth the Sav­ior Came
  35. Gather the Sheaves, ’Tis Har­vest Time
  36. Gird Your­self with Hea­ven­ly Ar­mor
  37. God Notes the Lit­tle Spar­row’s Fall
  38. Gone to the Un­seen Home
  39. Great God, Thy Wis­dom, Pow­er, and Grace
  40. Hark, the Throng of Angel Voic­es
  41. He Is My Rock, I Build on Him
  42. Hear My Pray­er, O Hea­ven­ly Fa­ther
  43. Hear the Words of Je­sus Spok­en
  44. Heirs with Christ
  45. Here We Know Not Our Await­ing
  46. Hope on Gold­en Pin­ion Brings Us
  47. How Strong Is Thy Faith
  48. How Sweet Are the Songs
  49. How the Lil­ies Grow
  50. Hungering and Thirst­ing Ones
  51. I Know Not Where to Go
  52. I Lay at Night up­on the Ground
  53. I Oft by Faith Have Gone to See
  54. I Will Ev­er Seek the Will
  55. I Will Toil for Thee
  56. I’ll Tell You a Sto­ry of Jesus Our King
  57. In the Day of My Youth
  58. I’ve a Man­sion Fair in Glory
  59. I’ve Won­dered Oft When I’ve Been Told
  60. Jesus Is Call­ing To­day
  61. Jesus Loved Me
  62. Jesus Tells the Wel­come Sto­ry
  63. Just Across the Sil­ver Sea
  64. Just Be­yond the Sha­dows
  65. King Sat on His Throne of State, A
  66. Lift Up the Cross of Faith
  67. Light of the World You Must Be, The
  68. Martyred Ste­phen Say the Mas­ter
  69. Master’s Foot­steps Marked, The
  70. Now un­to Him Whose Am­ple Pow­er
  71. O Blessed Are the Pure in Heart!
  72. O Hast­en Thou Bright Morn­ing
  73. O Lord, How Much I Owe
  74. O Lord, My Heart Would Bring
  75. O Lord, to Thee I Bring
  76. O My Lord, Thou Art Ten­der
  77. O Sing When Sor­row Comes
  78. O We Love to Hear the Chim­ing
  79. Obedience from the Heart
  80. On the Cross See the Sav­ior Sus­pend­ed
  81. Open Door, The
  82. Our Homes on the Earth
  83. Our Life Is Here a Life of Toil
  84. Pilgrim, Seek­ing for the Foun­tain
  85. Preaching Je­sus on the Way
  86. Savior Shed His Pre­cious Blood, The
  87. Serve the Lord with Glad­ness
  88. Sinners of Be­rea, The
  89. Some Day at Home
  90. Sorrowing Bi­shops Around Were Ga­thered, The
  91. Sweet Psalms and Hymns and Songs
  92. Sweetest Songs the Child­ren Sing
  93. Sweetest Thoughts of Je­sus
  94. There Is No Love Like the Love of Je­sus
  95. There Is No Re­fuge for the Soul
  96. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Isle in the Ocean of Time
  97. There’s a Path That Leads Up to the Bright Throne
  98. There’s a Song That Is Heard
  99. This Is Re­li­gion, Pure and Full
  100. Though the Path Be Dark and Cold
  101. Through His Name, the Pro­phets All
  102. ’Tis a Fu­ner­al Song We Sing
  103. ’Tis a Glo­ri­ous Throng
  104. ’Tis Not by Works of Mo­ses’ Law
  105. Voice from Ma­ce­don­ia, A
  106. We Are Lit­tle Child­ren
  107. We Have Heard of a Land Far Away
  108. We Wait His Com­ing
  109. We Yearn for Joys We Can Not See
  110. We’re a Lit­tle Pil­grim Band
  111. What Care I for Fame’s Op­in­ion?
  112. What May I Do for Thee, Je­sus?
  113. What Shall I Do with Je­sus?
  114. When Earth from Cha­os in­to Or­der Came
  115. When First I Start­ed on the Road
  116. When First I Start­ed on the Way
  117. When Shall I Be Free from Pain?
  118. When We Climb the Gold­en
  119. While I Am Young in Years
  120. While I Hear Life’s Surg­ing Bil­lows
  121. Who Is This That Comes from Ed­om?
  122. Who, Who Is This As­cend­ing High?
  123. Who, Who, Who Shall En­ter In?
  124. Would You Im­i­tate Your Mas­ter?