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1725, Tregynon (near Newtown), Montgomeryshire, Wales.

March 1799, Lon­don, Eng­land.

City Road Chapel, London, Eng­land.

Both of Olivers’ parents died when he was young, so he did not receive thorough religious training as a child. Fortunately, he heard a sermon by G. Whitefield which eventually led him to Christ. After conversion, he joined the Methodist Society at Bradford-on-Avon. It was through that organization that he first met John Wesley, and joined his evangelistic efforts, mostly in Cornwall. For some time, Olivers co-edited the Arminian Magazine. He also wrote an elegy upon the death of John Wesley.

  1. God of Abraham Praise, The
  2. God Who Reigns on High, The
  3. Last Judgment, The
  4. O Thou God of My Sal­va­tion
  5. Though Nature’s Strength Decay
  1. Colo