Ap­ril 24, 1879, Nor­ris Ci­ty, Il­li­nois.

March 20, 1960, Del­ta, Co­lo­ra­do.

Del­ta Ce­me­te­ry, Del­ta, Co­lo­ra­do.

French was the son of Will­iam Gaff Ol­iv­er and Sar­ah Ann Vine­yard, and hus­band of Car­o­line Will­iams.

A Pres­by­ter­i­an min­is­ter and evan­gel­ist, he was liv­ing in Kan­sas City, Mis­sou­ri, as of 1908. By 1920, he was in Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia. His works in­clude:

  1. Get Right with God
  2. I Know the Lord Laid His Hands on Me
  3. I Might Have Known It Was Je­sus
  4. I’m on Life’s Ocean
  5. In His Steps How Sweet to Fol­low
  6. Is the World Bet­ter or Worse Where You Tread?
  7. Jesus Has Shown the Way
  8. Jesus, Hold Me Fast
  9. Lord, I For­got
  10. My Fa­ther Feeds the Spar­row
  11. My Pi­lot Is Je­sus
  12. No Sor­row Yon­der
  13. O Watch­man!
  14. Pray Through
  15. Under His Sha­dow
  16. What If?
  17. What if My Heart Should Feel
  18. Whatever You Think Both in Joy or in Woe
  19. When Je­sus Comes
  1. Let Some­thing Good Be Said
  2. Two Babes