Mrs. Charles H. Morris

Ap­ril 15, 1862, Penns­ville, Ohio.

Ju­ly 23, 1929, at her daugh­ter’s home in Au­burn, Ohio.

Mc­Con­nels­ville Cem­e­tery, Mc­Con­nels­ville, Ohio.


Lelia was the daugh­ter of John T. E. and Oliv­ia E. Nay­lor, and wife of Charles Ham­mond Mor­ris (mar­ried 1881).

As a child, she lived in Mal­ta and Mc­Con­nels­ville, Ohio. She was ac­tive in the Me­tho­dist church, and was oft­en at camp meet­ings (e.g., Old Camp Sy­char, Mt. Ver­non, Ohio, and Se­bring Camp in Se­bring, Ohio)

She be­gan song writ­ing in the 1890’s, au­thor­ing more than 1,000 Gos­pel songs. When her eyes be­gan to fail in 1913, her son built a 28-foot black­board with ov­er­sized staff lines, so she could con­tin­ue com­pos­ing.

She and her hus­band moved in with her daugh­ter, Mrs. Fran­ces Lunk, in Au­burn, Ohio, around 1928.

  1. Anchored at Last
  2. Another Pen­te­cost
  3. At the Bat­tle’s Front
  4. Bring Your Ves­sels, Not a Few
  5. Can the World See Je­sus in You?
  6. Come to Me
  7. Conflict of the Ag­es, The
  8. Conquerors Through the Blood
  9. Countless Bless­ings
  10. Crown Him
  11. Do Your Best
  12. Doing His Will
  13. Face to Face I Shall See Je­sus
  14. Fight Is On, The
  15. For a World­wide Re­vi­val
  16. For the Whole Wide World
  17. Friend You Need, The
  18. Fully Sur­ren­dered
  19. Gathering Jew­els
  20. God Is for Us
  21. God Who An­swers by Fire, The
  22. Gospel Ship Zi­on, The
  23. Great Judg­ment Day, The
  24. Greatest Thing Is Love, The
  25. Have Ye Re­ceived the Ho­ly Ghost?
  26. He Has Come to Abide
  27. His Grace Is Suf­fi­cient for Me
  28. His Name Shall Be Je­sus
  29. Holiness un­to the Lord
  30. I Can’t Tell It All
  31. I Come To Thee
  32. I Know God’s Pro­mise Is True
  33. I Still Have the Bless­ing
  34. In His Keep­ing
  35. In the Hol­low of God’s Hand
  36. It Ne­ver Runs Dry
  37. Jesus Is Migh­ty to Save
  38. Jesus Sweet­ly Saves
  39. Keep Me Un­der the Blood
  40. Let Je­sus Come in­to Your Heart
  41. Lift the Flood-Gates
  42. Make His Praise Glo­ri­ous
  43. Nearer, Still Near­er
  44. Nothing Sa­tis­fies but Je­sus
  45. O Mag­ni­fy the Lord with Me
  46. Pentecostal Pow­er, The
  47. Pilot Me
  48. Pilot of Gal­i­lee, The
  49. Pentecostal Pow­er, The
  50. Power Is Com­ing Down, The
  51. Revive Thy Work
  52. Salvation for the Whole Wide World
  53. Sanctifying Pow­er
  54. Settle It To­day
  55. So I Send You
  56. Songs of the King­dom
  57. Sweet Will of God
  58. Sweeter as the Years Go By
  59. There’s On­ly One Way
  60. There’s Time Enough Yet
  61. ’Tis Mar­vel­ous and Won­der­ful
  62. Victory All the Time
  63. Victory Side, The
  64. What if It Were To­day?
  65. When the Tithes Are Ga­thered In
  66. Who Is This Man of Sor­rows?
  67. With My Soul ’Tis Well
  68. Wounded for Our Trans­gress­ions
  69. Ye Her­alds of Je­sus
  70. Yes, Dear Lord
  1. Montecito