Mrs. Charles H. Morris

April 15, 1862, Pennsville, Ohio.

July 23, 1929, at her daughter’s home in Auburn, Ohio.

McConnelsville Cemetery, McConnelsville, Ohio.


Lelia was the daughter of John T. E. and Olivia E. Naylor. As a child, she lived in Malta and McConnelsville, Ohio. In 1881, she married Charles Hammond Morris. Lelia was active in the Methodist church, and was often at camp meetings (e.g., Old Camp Sychar, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and Sebring Camp in Sebring, Ohio). She began song writing in the 1890’s, authoring more than 1,000 Gospel songs. When her eyes began to fail in 1913, her son built a 28-foot blackboard with oversized staff lines, so she could continue composing. She and her husband moved in with her daughter, Mrs. Frances Lunk, in Auburn, Ohio, around 1928.

  1. Anchored at Last
  2. Another Pentecost
  3. At the Battle’s Front
  4. Bring Your Vessels, Not a Few
  5. Can the World See Jesus in You?
  6. Come to Me
  7. Conflict of the Ages, The
  8. Conquerors Through the Blood
  9. Countless Blessings
  10. Crown Him
  11. Do Your Best
  12. Doing His Will
  13. Face to Face I Shall See Jesus
  14. Fight Is On, The
  15. For a Worldwide Revival
  16. For the Whole Wide World
  17. Friend You Need, The
  18. Fully Surrendered
  19. Gathering Jewels
  20. God Is for Us
  21. God Who Answers by Fire, The
  22. Gospel Ship Zion, The
  23. Greatest Thing Is Love, The
  24. Have Ye Received the Holy Ghost?
  25. He Has Come to Abide
  26. His Grace Is Sufficient for Me
  27. His Name Shall Be Jesus
  28. Holiness unto the Lord
  29. I Can’t Tell It All
  30. I Come To Thee
  31. I Know God’s Promise Is True
  32. I Still Have the Blessing
  33. In His Keeping
  34. In the Hollow of God’s Hand
  35. It Never Runs Dry
  36. Jesus Sweetly Saves
  37. Keep Me Under the Blood
  38. Let Jesus Come into Your Heart
  39. Lift the Flood-Gates
  40. Make His Praise Glorious
  41. Nearer, Still Nearer
  42. Nothing Satisfies but Jesus
  43. O Magnify the Lord with Me
  44. Pentecostal Power, The
  45. Pilot Me
  46. Pilot of Galilee, The
  47. Pentecostal Power, The
  48. Power Is Coming Down, The
  49. Revive Thy Work
  50. Salvation for the Whole Wide World
  51. Sanctifying Power
  52. Settle It Today
  53. So I Send You
  54. Songs of the Kingdom
  55. Sweet Will of God
  56. Sweeter as the Years Go By
  57. There’s Only One Way
  58. There’s Time Enough Yet
  59. ’Tis Marvelous and Wonderful
  60. Victory All the Time
  61. Victory Side, The
  62. What if It Were Today?
  63. When the Tithes Are Gathered In
  64. Who Is This Man of Sorrows?
  65. With My Soul ’Tis Well
  66. Wounded for Our Transgressions
  67. Ye Heralds of Jesus
  68. Yes, Dear Lord
  1. Montecito