Mrs. Charles H. Morris

Ap­ril 15, 1862, Penns­ville, Ohio.

Ju­ly 23, 1929, at her daugh­ter’s home in Au­burn, Ohio.

Mc­Con­nels­ville Cem­e­tery, Mc­Con­nels­ville, Ohio.


Lelia was the daugh­ter of John T. E. and Oliv­ia E. Nay­lor, and wife of Charles Ham­mond Mor­ris (mar­ried 1881).

As a child, she lived in Mal­ta and Mc­Con­nels­ville, Ohio. She was ac­tive in the Me­tho­dist church, and was oft­en at camp meet­ings (e.g., Old Camp Sy­char, Mt. Ver­non, Ohio, and Se­bring Camp in Se­bring, Ohio)

She be­gan song writ­ing in the 1890’s, au­thor­ing more than 1,000 Gos­pel songs. When her eyes be­gan to fail in 1913, her son built a 28-foot black­board with ov­er­sized staff lines, so she could con­tin­ue com­pos­ing.

She and her hus­band moved in with her daugh­ter, Mrs. Fran­ces Lunk, in Au­burn, Ohio, around 1928.

  1. Abiding Comforter, The
  2. Able to Save
  3. Abundantly Able
  4. Able and Will­ing
  5. Add a Star to Your Crown
  6. All Along the Gos­pel Line
  7. All Aton­ing Blood, The
  8. All on the Al­tar
  9. All on the Al­tar for Je­sus
  10. All the Lord’s
  11. All the World for Je­sus!
  12. All Thine Own
  13. Almost De­cid­ed
  14. Altar Sanc­ti­fies the Gift, The
  15. Anchor Still Holds, The
  16. Amen to Je­sus
  17. Anchored at Last
  18. Another Pen­te­cost
  19. At an Hour That Ye Think Not
  20. At Any Cost
  21. At Cal­va­ry
  22. At the Bat­tle’s Front
  23. Back to Je­sus
  24. Back to Pen­te­cost
  25. Bank of Hea­ven, The
  26. Baptized with the Ho­ly Ghost
  27. Be Filled with the Spir­it
  28. Be Not Dis­mayed
  29. Be Ye Ho­ly
  30. Before It Is Too Late
  31. Behold, I Come Quick­ly
  32. Behold the Lamb of God
  33. Believe as Ye Pray
  34. Believe It, Re­ceive It
  35. Believe on the Lord Je­sus Christ
  36. Beulah Land
  37. Blessèd Old Way of the Cross, The
  38. Blessing Fell on Me, The
  39. Blest Book of Truth
  40. Blood Has Ne­ver Lost Its Pow­er, The
  41. Book of Books
  42. Bread of Life for Sin­ners Brok­en
  43. Bring Your Ves­sels, Not a Few
  44. Broken for You
  45. By Grace Alone
  46. Building All Our Hopes
  47. Busy Ev­ery Day
  48. By the Cross of Cal­va­ry
  49. Calvary
  50. Can I For­get?
  51. Can the Lord De­pend on You?
  52. Can the World See Je­sus in You?
  53. Carry It All to the Cross
  54. Changed in a Mo­ment of Time
  55. Child of My Love
  56. Child of the King, A
  57. Children, Seek the Sav­ior Ear­ly
  58. Choose Ye
  59. Choosing
  60. Christ Is Able
  61. Christ-Likeness
  62. Christ Must Take the World
  63. Christ Shall Have All
  64. Christ Will Win
  65. Christ With­in
  66. Christless Mill­ions, Catch the Vi­sion
  67. Christian’s Hope, The
  68. Christian’s Race, The
  69. Claim Power from Je­sus
  70. Cleansing Blood, The
  71. Closer to Thee
  72. Co-Laborers
  73. Come Back to Je­sus
  74. Come, Bro­ther, Come Away
  75. Come, Hum­bly to the Fa­ther’s Throne
  76. Come, Sin­ners, to the Gos­pel Feast
  77. Come to Me
  78. Come to the Feast
  79. Comforter and Guide
  80. Communing with Je­sus
  81. Confess Him To­day
  82. Conflict of the Ag­es, The
  83. Conquerors Through the Blood
  84. Countless Bless­ings
  85. Cross and the Flag, The
  86. Cross Leads On, The
  87. Cross Over
  88. Crowded Out
  89. Crown Him
  90. Cry of the Pe­ni­tent
  91. Dare to Be­lieve
  92. Do Your Best
  93. Doing His Will
  94. Earth Is Awak­ing
  95. Enlist To­day
  96. Everlasting Arms, The
  97. Everlasting Life
  98. Everything Un­der the Blood
  99. Exalt the World’s Redeemer
  100. Eye to Eye
  101. Face to Face I Shall See Je­sus
  102. Fall in­to Bat­tle Line
  103. Far in For­bid­den Paths of Sin
  104. Fight Is On, The
  105. Fill Up the Ranks for Je­sus
  106. Filled with the Spir­it
  107. Find Some­thing to Do for the Sav­ior
  108. Fire of Pen­te­cost, The
  109. Fitted for Ser­vice, I Would Ev­er Be
  110. Follow Me
  111. Following the Na­za­rene
  112. For a World­wide Re­vi­val
  113. For an Ut­ter­most Sal­va­tion
  114. For Jesus’ Sake
  115. For the Whole Wide World
  116. For There’s Glo­ry, Al­ways Glo­ry
  117. Forever Mine
  118. Forever with the Lord
  119. Forward Go
  120. Free in Christ
  121. Freedom in the Ho­ly Ghost
  122. Friend You Need, The
  123. From All Sin
  124. From Glo­ry to Cal­va­ry
  125. Full Sal­va­tion Ar­my, The
  126. Fully Sur­ren­dered
  127. Gates Ne­ver Close, The
  128. Gathered Here with One Ac­cord
  129. Gathering Jew­els
  130. Get Right with God To­night
  131. Gift of God’s Love to Me
  132. Gird Ye on the Ar­mor of Light
  133. Give All You Have to Je­sus
  134. Give Your All to Je­sus
  135. Go and La­bor To­day
  136. Go in the Name of the Mas­ter
  137. God Is for Us
  138. God of Pen­te­cost Still Lives, The
  139. God Who An­swers by Fire, The
  140. God Will An­swer a Mo­ther’s Pray­er
  141. God’s King­dom Is at Hand
  142. God’s Pro­mise Is Enough for Me
  143. God’s Way Is Best
  144. God’s Who­so­ev­er Plan
  145. God’s Won­der­ful Love
  146. Going Through with Je­sus
  147. Gospel Bells
  148. Gospel Ship Zi­on, The
  149. Grand Old Ark, The
  150. Great Is My Need
  151. Great Judg­ment Day, The
  152. Great Shep­herd, The
  153. Greatest Thing Is Love, The
  154. Growing Bright­er Ev­ery Day
  155. Hallelujah for the Blood
  156. Hallelujah, I’m Saved
  157. Hallelujah Song, The
  158. Hasten to Tell the Bless­èd Gos­pel Sto­ry
  159. Have Thy Way in Me
  160. Have Ye Re­ceived the Ho­ly Ghost?
  161. Have You?
  162. Have You Been Alone with Je­sus?
  163. Have You Heard the Joy­ful News?
  164. Have You Told An­y­one About Je­sus?
  165. He Came to Save Sin­ners
  166. He Chang­eth Not
  167. He Feed­eth His Flock
  168. He Has Come to Abide
  169. He Has Put the Glo­ry in My Soul
  170. He Is All in All to Me
  171. He Ne­ver Turns Any Away
  172. He Will An­swer
  173. He Will Hold My Hand
  174. Heaven Be­gun Be­low
  175. Heaven Was Robbed
  176. Help to Take the World for Je­sus
  177. He’s Won My Heart For­ev­er
  178. Hidden Rich­es
  179. His Grace Is Suf­fi­cient for Me
  180. His Name Shall Be Je­sus
  181. Holiness Our Bat­tle Cry
  182. Holiness un­to the Lord
  183. Holy Bi­ble, Book Di­vine
  184. Holy Ghost Re­vi­val, A
  185. Holy Ghost, We Bid Thee Wel­come
  186. Holy Spir­it, Come
  187. Homeward, Hea­ven­ward Bound
  188. Honey in the Rock for All
  189. Hosanna to the King
  190. Humbly We Come in Thy Pre­sence
  191. I Am His Child
  192. I Am the Door
  193. I Am Think­ing of the Ga­ther­ing of the Faith­ful
  194. I Can Ne­ver For­get
  195. I Can’t Tell It All
  196. I Come To Thee
  197. I Have Glo­ry in My Soul
  198. I Have Peace, Sweet Peace
  199. I Know God’s Pro­mise Is True
  200. I Know He An­swers Pray­er
  201. I Long to Be Ho­ly
  202. I Love Him So
  203. I Love the Lord
  204. I Never Need Grieve Him Again
  205. I Owe It All to Je­sus
  206. I Pro­mised I Would Meet Her
  207. I Shall Not Want While Je­sus Leads
  208. I Shall See Je­sus
  209. I Still Have the Bless­ing
  210. I Want Ev­ery­bo­dy to Know Him
  211. I Want You to Know My Friend
  212. I Will Be True to Thee
  213. I Will Go with Je­sus
  214. I Will Ne­ver Leave Thee
  215. If Ye Faint Not
  216. I’ll Just Hold on to Je­sus
  217. I’ll Meet You There
  218. I’ll Sing the Praise of Je­sus’ Blood
  219. I’m Go­ing On
  220. I’m Hap­py, So Hap­py in Je­sus
  221. I’m on the Rock
  222. I’m Sa­tis­fied with Je­sus Christ
  223. I’m Saved and Kept
  224. In His Keep­ing
  225. In the Bless­èd By and By
  226. In the Dire­ful Con­flict Rag­ing
  227. In the Hol­low of God’s Hand
  228. Is It I? Is It You?
  229. Is It No­thing to You?
  230. It Is for You
  231. It Is Just Like Je­sus
  232. It Ne­ver Runs Dry
  233. It Will Ne­ver Grow Old
  234. I’ve Re­ceived an In­vi­ta­tion
  235. Jehovah Is My Keep­er
  236. Jerusalem, Gold­en and Fair
  237. Jesus in My Heart
  238. Jesus Is Look­ing for You
  239. Jesus Is Migh­ty to Save
  240. Jesus Is the World’s Re­deem­er
  241. Jesus Knows and Cares
  242. Jesus Lives!
  243. Jesus Loves You Still
  244. Jesus Needs You To­day
  245. Jesus Our Sav­ior Is
  246. Jesus Sweet­ly Saves
  247. Jesus the First and Last
  248. Jesus the Sav­ior Is Mine
  249. Jesus Waits to Save
  250. Just a Lit­tle Long­er
  251. Just a Word with Je­sus
  252. Just One
  253. Just Such a Friend Is Je­sus
  254. Keep Me Ev­er Trust­ing Thee
  255. Keep Me Un­der the Blood
  256. Keep on Pray­ing
  257. Keep Pass­ing Your Bless­ings Along
  258. Keep Shin­ing for Je­sus
  259. Keep Up the Fight
  260. Keeping Pow­er
  261. Kept for the Mas­ter’s Use
  262. King Is Com­ing, The
  263. King’s Bus­i­ness Re­quir­eth Haste, The
  264. King’s High­way, The
  265. Land Where We Ne­ver Grow Old
  266. Language of My Soul, The
  267. Launch Out
  268. Lay Hold of the Life Line
  269. Leave It with Je­sus
  270. Let Him Come In
  271. Let Him Be Your Savior, Too
  272. Let Je­sus Come in­to Your Heart
  273. Let the Ho­ly Ghost Come In
  274. Let the Re­deemed Say So
  275. Let Us Tar­ry for the Pow­er
  276. Let Your Faith Hold Fast
  277. Letter from Home, A
  278. Lift the Flood-Gates
  279. Lift Up the Ban­ner
  280. Line Up
  281. Live in the Sun­light
  282. Living in Ca­naan Land
  283. Lo, He Comes, the King of Glo­ry
  284. Lo, Je­sus Comes
  285. Longing for the Ful­ness
  286. Looking to Je­sus
  287. Lord, for a Full Sal­va­tion
  288. Lord, in Hum­ble Con­se­cra­tion
  289. Lord, My Heart Is Ful­ly Yield­ed
  290. Lord Needs Men, The
  291. Lord Needs You, The
  292. Lost Sheep, The
  293. Love of Christ My Heart Has Won, The
  294. Love of My Lord, The
  295. Love That Abides
  296. Loyal to Je­sus
  297. Loyal to the Cross
  298. Make Him Yours
  299. Make His Praise Glo­ri­ous
  300. Make Je­sus King
  301. Make Me a Win­ner of Souls
  302. Make Me Pure
  303. Make Me Whole
  304. Make My Life Count for Thee
  305. Make This World Bet­ter
  306. Marching on to Vic­to­ry
  307. Marvelous Grace in My Sav­ior I Find
  308. Meeting in the Air, The
  309. Mine Eyes Be­held the King
  310. More Pre­cious to Me
  311. More Reap­ers
  312. Mountain of Bless­ing
  313. My Bless­ed Sav­ior
  314. My Boast Is in Je­sus
  315. My Choice
  316. My Fa­ther Holds My Hand
  317. My God Shall Sup­ply Your Need
  318. My Heart Is Burn­ing with His Love
  319. My Keep­er Is He
  320. My Long­ing Soul Cries Out for God
  321. Nearer, Still Near­er
  322. New Land in Ca­naan
  323. New Touch of Fire, A
  324. No Crown With­out the Cross
  325. No More Dy­ing
  326. None Is Ex­clud­ed
  327. Not Emp­ty Hand­ed
  328. Not Made with Hands
  329. Not Now, Just Now
  330. Not to Save the Right­eous
  331. Nothing but the Love of Je­sus
  332. Nothing Sa­tis­fies but Je­sus
  333. Nothing Sa­tis­fies Like Je­sus
  334. Now Is the Time to Get Rea­dy
  335. O, Come to the Sav­ior
  336. O Give Me the Bi­ble
  337. O Hal­lowed Cross of Cal­va­ry
  338. O I Want to Be a Wit­ness to the Pow­er
  339. O Mag­ni­fy the Lord with Me
  340. O Who Does Not Wish?
  341. O Won­derful Sto­ry of Love
  342. Old Paths, The
  343. Old Things Are Passed Away
  344. Old Time Re­vi­val Pow­er
  345. On Ev­ery Page of Sac­red Writ I Find
  346. On Moun­tain Height
  347. On the Fir­ing Line
  348. Onward, For­ward
  349. Onward to Vic­to­ry
  350. Open Door, An
  351. Open Foun­tain, The
  352. Open Your Heart to the Sav­ior
  353. Our Bu­si­ness for the King
  354. Out with the Life Boat
  355. Outside of the Fold
  356. Over in Ca­naan
  357. Over in the Glo­ry Land
  358. Overcomers
  359. Passover Blood, The
  360. Past Is All Un­der the Blood, The
  361. Pentecostal Pow­er, The
  362. Pentecostal Show­ers of Bless­ing
  363. Perfectly Whole
  364. Prayer Is the Key
  365. Purity and Pow­er
  366. Pilot Me
  367. Pilot of Gal­i­lee, The
  368. Place in the Ranks for You, A
  369. Power Is Com­ing Down, The
  370. Pray With­out Ceasing
  371. Prepare Ye the Way
  372. Present Savior, A
  373. Press the Bat­tle On
  374. Press Your Way to Je­sus
  375. Prodigal, Come To­day
  376. Prodigal’s Re­turn, The
  377. Promise Is un­to You, The
  378. Purer and Bright­er, Dear Sav­ior
  379. Read the Times with Keen Dis­cern­ing
  380. Ready for Ser­vice
  381. Reapers Today
  382. Repent and Be­lieve
  383. Revive Thy Work
  384. Sabbath Prais­es
  385. Sacred to Thee
  386. Salvation for the Whole Wide World
  387. Salvation’s Tid­al Wave
  388. Sanctifying Pow­er
  389. Saved by His Won­der­ful Grace
  390. Saved to Save Oth­ers
  391. Savior, I’m Com­ing
  392. Seal Me Ev­er Thine
  393. Seeking to Save
  394. Send It Now
  395. Send the Gos­pel
  396. Secret of Pow­er
  397. Secret of the Lord, The
  398. Service for Je­sus is Sweet
  399. Settle It To­day
  400. Shall We All Be Ga­thered There?
  401. Shepherd’s Call, The
  402. Shine and Keep Sweet
  403. Shine In
  404. Since My Eyes Have Caught a Vi­sion
  405. Since the Hap­py Day
  406. Sing a Song of Tri­umph
  407. So I Send You
  408. So Will I Com­fort You
  409. So Won­der­ful It Seems
  410. Some Day
  411. Some Day I Am Go­ing There
  412. Songs of Per­fect Love
  413. Songs of the King­dom
  414. Soon the Days of Pain and Part­ing
  415. Souls for Je­sus
  416. Sowing—Reaping
  417. Spirit Filled Life, The
  418. Spirit Filled, O Can It Be?
  419. Standing on Pro­mise Ground
  420. Stay with Me
  421. Step Out on the Pro­mise of Je­sus
  422. Still Halt­ing Be­tween Two Opin­ions
  423. Still There Is Room
  424. Stranger of Ga­li­lee, The
  425. Sunny Side of the Cross, The
  426. Sunshine Train, The
  427. Sweet Will of God
  428. Sweeter as the Years Go By
  429. Sweetest Story Ev­er Told, The
  430. Take My Yoke up­on You
  431. Tarry Till the Pow­er Comes Down
  432. Tarry Ye, Then Go Ye
  433. Tarry Ye, Was the Mas­ter’s Com­mand­ment
  434. Taste and See
  435. Tell It to Him
  436. Tell Some One of Je­sus
  437. There Is a Ci­ty Fair, We’re Told
  438. There Will Come a Last Time
  439. There’s a Bless­ed In­vi­ta­tion to the World
  440. There’s a Glad Hallelujah
  441. There’s Hea­ven in my Soul
  442. There’s On­ly One Way
  443. There’s Time Enough Yet
  444. They Shall Shine as the Stars
  445. They’re All Blott­ed Out
  446. They’re Un­der the Pre­cious Blood
  447. Think What It Costs
  448. This I Know
  449. This Is the Reap­ing Time
  450. This Same Je­sus
  451. Throw Out the Gos­pel Line
  452. Thy King­dom Come
  453. Time of Re­fresh­ing Are Com­ing
  454. ’Tis a Great Sal­va­tion
  455. ’Tis Bliss With­in My Soul
  456. ’Tis Good to Live in Ca­naan
  457. ’Tis Mar­vel­ous and Won­der­ful
  458. ’Tis Not Enough That We Should Feel
  459. ’Tis Ours, O Child­ren of the King
  460. To the Res­cue
  461. Trusting in Je­sus Alone
  462. ’Twas the King Set Me Free
  463. ’Twill Be Glo­ry for Me
  464. Unfathomable Love
  465. Unto the Foot­stool
  466. Uttermost Sal­va­tion, An
  467. Victory All the Time
  468. Victory in My Soul
  469. Victory Side, The
  470. Waiting at the Mer­cy Seat
  471. Waiting for the Pro­mise of the Fa­ther
  472. Walking with God
  473. Wanted
  474. Watch, Breth­ren, Watch
  475. Way of the Cross Leads Home, The
  476. Way With­in the Way, The
  477. We Are Full Sal­va­tion Sol­diers
  478. We Come for Grace
  479. We Must Have the Pow­er
  480. We Will Be True
  481. We Will Lift Up Je­sus
  482. We Will Praise Thee
  483. We Will Talk It O’er To­ge­ther By and By
  484. Welcome, Welcome
  485. We’ll Crown Him King
  486. We’ll Keep It Roll­ing Round the World
  487. We’re in the Fight to Stay
  488. What About Je­sus?
  489. What if It Were To­day?
  490. What a Sav­ior Is Mine!
  491. What Are You Do­ing?
  492. What Will It Be?
  493. What Will You Do?
  494. Whatever from God You Are Need­ing To­day
  495. When He Is Come to You
  496. When I Shall See Je­sus
  497. When the Heart Is Right with God
  498. When the Tithes Are Ga­thered In
  499. When the War Is Ov­er
  500. When Wan­der­ing Far
  501. When We Have En­tered That Ci­ty of Gold
  502. Where Are the Sheep?
  503. Who Is This Man of Sor­rows?
  504. Who Knows
  505. Who Will Vol­un­teer?
  506. Wholly Thine
  507. Whom Have I on Earth Be­side Thee?
  508. Whose I Am and Whom I Serve
  509. Why Are You Lost and Un­par­doned?
  510. Why Have You Not Told Us Be­fore?
  511. Why Still Un­saved?
  512. Will You Be One?
  513. Willing Ser­vice
  514. Winning Souls for Je­sus
  515. With My Soul ’Tis Well
  516. Wonderful Love of Je­sus
  517. Wounded for Our Trans­gress­ions
  518. Under-Shepherds
  519. Victory for the Cross
  520. Victory Side, The
  521. Victory Song, The
  522. Victory To­day
  523. We Can if We Will
  524. What Ves­sel Are You Sail­ing In?
  525. When the Tithes Are Ga­thered In
  526. Will You Pay the Price?
  527. With My Whole Heart, O Lord
  528. With One Accord
  529. Wonderful Sto­ry That Je­sus Can Save, The
  530. Won’t You Come?
  531. Work Com­plete, The
  532. Work in the Val­ley
  533. World Knew Not Je­sus, The
  534. Ye Her­alds of Je­sus
  535. Ye Would Not
  536. Yes, Dear Lord
  537. Yes to God’s Will
  538. You May Have the Bless­ing Now
  539. You Need Je­sus, Bro­ther
  540. Zion’s Watch­man
  1. Montecito