Early 20th Century
  1. Dear Hands, Held Forth
  2. Dear Sav­ior, We, Thy Child­ren
  3. Draw Nigh to Thy Fa­ther
  4. Hark to the Trum­pet Sound­ing
  5. How Shall I Know That I Am His?
  6. I Will Go Where Thou Want­est Me
  7. Jesus Calls, Dear Friend, To­night
  8. Linger, Bro­ther, No Long­er
  9. My Heart Is O So Hap­py
  10. O How Sweet To Sing Of Je­sus
  11. O Wan­der­er Lost in the Maz­es of Sin
  12. On the Wings of Morn
  13. Precious Sav­ior, I Would Fol­low
  14. See a Star from Out the East
  15. Some Sweet Mes­sage Waits for Thee
  16. Songs in the Night
  17. Stranger Yet to Je­sus, A
  18. There’s a Soft Plead­ing Voice
  19. Though Life’s Path Be Rough and Thorny
  20. What Shall I Do with Je­sus?
  21. With My Sin I Come to Thy Throne
  22. Would I Know Him?