De­cem­ber 13, 1819, Frome, Somerset, Eng­land.

Jan­u­a­ry 3, 1900, Radley, England (near Oxford).

Radley parish church.


Monk studied at Bath and in Lon­don with George Mac­far­ren for theory, and Hen­ry Phil­lips for singing. He then became organist at Mid­som­er Nor­ton church, then Christ Church, Frome. He was organist, precentor and Master of Music at St. Co­lum­ba’s, Rath­farn­ham, Dub­lin (1844), and three years later at Rad­ley College. He was appointed to York Min­ster in 1858, succeeding John Cam­idge. He resigned after 25 years service and returned to Rad­ley, where he spent the rest of his life.

He lived in Rad­ley a large house called East Cottage where he had pupils. After his death villagers renovated the church organ as a memorial to him. Though engaged as Precentor at Rad­ley College before going to York Min­ster, he evidently formed an attachment to Rad­ley, in which he took a great interest. A tablet on the organ case reads, This organ is humbly dedicated to the Glory of God and in pious memory of Ed­win George Monk, Mus. Doc & Fellow of the R.A.S. [Royal As­tro­nom­i­cal Society—he was an amateur astronomer] First Precentor of St. Pe­ter’s College Rad­ley (1847–58), and organist of York Min­ster (1858–83).

Monk edited:

  1. Angel Voices
  2. Hopkins