March 2, 1813, Westminster, England.

October 31, 1887, St. Marylebone, England.

Hampstead Cemetery, London, England.


Brother of Walter Macfarren, George was a principal of the Royal Academy of Music; professor at Cambridge University; conductor at Covent Garden, London; program note writer for the Philharmonic Society; and editor of Handel and Purcell. He wrote 18 operas, 13 oratorios and cantatas, 9 symphonies, and 162 songs. He went blind in 1860, and was knighted in 1883.

  1. Bridegroom
  2. Corbet
  3. Faithfulness
  4. Father, Let Me Dedicate
  5. Luffenham
  6. Macfarren
  7. Thy Life