Late 19th Century
  1. Blessed He That Lowly Came
  2. Chosen Spot, Where Families Bending
  3. Come, All Who Are Thirsty
  4. Come, Wanderer, Far from Home
  5. Fly to the Rescue, Danger’s Nigh
  6. For Jesus’ Sake I Sold My All
  7. Go Tell the World of His Love
  8. I Am Coming, Jesus, Coming
  9. I Am Feeding on the Mountains
  10. I Come, Dear Savior, with This Plea
  11. I Have a Blessed Hope Today
  12. I Heard a Voice in Tones of Love
  13. I Wearied in the Way
  14. In the Clean and Blessed Highway
  15. In the Pastures Green I’m Roaming
  16. In the Ways of the Lord
  17. Jehovah Is My King, Low at His Feet I Bow
  18. Jesus Is Living
  19. Jesus, Let Thy Life Divine
  20. Joy Divine I Now Am Finding
  21. Led Each Step By Jesus
  22. List, the Savior Is Calling
  23. Loving Kindness Ever Lasting
  24. Morning Dawns, the Mists Are Clearing
  25. Morning of Life Is the Very Best Time, The
  26. Nearer, Nearer to the City
  27. Now No More with Pain I’m Clinging
  28. O Blessed Toil
  29. O Happy Day What a Savior Is Mine
  30. O I Have Found Him, Who Only Gives Rest
  31. O Life Eternal, Life Divine
  32. O the Joy of Knowing Jesus
  33. Pentecost Power Is Given
  34. River of God, The
  35. Salvation from Sin O the Wonderful Story
  36. Sing All the Way to Zion
  37. Sing the Love and Power of Jesus
  38. Soldiers of Jesus with Face
  39. Sweetly Resting, Sweetly Resting
  40. Sweetly, Yes, O, Sweetly Resting
  41. There’s a Covert, Blessed Covert
  42. There’s a Mansion for Me, and Its Gleams I See
  43. Touch My Hands, O Precious
  44. Up, Away, Help Tell the Story
  45. We Are Needy, Help Us, Savior
  46. What a Savior, See the Foun­tain
  47. Where Deserts Abundantly Bloom
  48. Would You Find the Way to Heaven?
  49. Ye Who My Redeemer Know