Born: June 13 or 23, 1738, Ches­hunt, Hert­ford­shire, Eng­land.

Died: Ju­ly 17, 1799, Li­ver­pool, Lan­ca­shire, Eng­land.

Buried: Li­ver­pool, Lan­ca­shire, Eng­land.



Samuel was the young­est son of Guy Med­ley, hus­band of Ma­ry Gill, father of paint­er Sam­uel Med­ley, and grand­fa­ther of sur­geon Sir Hen­ry Thomp­son, 1st Bar­o­net.

After a false start as an ap­pren­tice, he joined the Brit­ish Roy­al Na­vy, be­com­ing a mid­ship­man in 1755. He was wound­ed in bat­tle off Port La­gos in 1759.

While he re­cu­per­at­ed, some­one read him a ser­mon by Is­aac Watts, lead­ing to his con­ver­sion. He left the na­vy and stu­died for the min­is­try un­der Dr. Gif­ford in Lon­don.

In 1767, he be­came pas­tor at the Bap­tist church in Wat­ford, Here­ford­shire. In 1772, he be­gan his min­is­try at By­ron Street in Li­ver­pool.

In 1793 Rev. Samuel Medley gave the following answers to printed questions sent to him and others from London:

In what town is your church?
In one where sin makes many a fool,
Known by the name of Liverpool.

Is it a church, chapel, or meeting?
Why, my good sir—’tis very true,
’Tis chapel, church, and meeting, too.

By what denomination is your church known?
By one that’s most despised of all,
Which folks in general, Baptists call.

What is your Christian and surname, degree?
My Christian name is called Saint
My surname rather odd and quaint,
But to explain the whole with ease,
Saint Samuel Medley, if you please;
And you from hence may plainly see,
That I have taken a degree.

Have you an assistant?
O yes! I’ve One of whom I boast
His name is call’d the Holy Ghost.

What number of people attend?
A many come, my worthy friend;
I dare not say they all attend;
But though so many, great and small,
I never number them at all,
For that was once poor David’s fall.

Is it encumbered with debt?
Incumber’d with debt,
It is certainly yet,
Though I at the present don’t state it;
But if ever from home,
I a begging should come,
I’ll readily to you relate it.

Long, p. 284