April 20, 1769, Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England.

December 5, 1837, Serampore, India.

Serampore, India.


In early life he evinced a fondness for books and study. In 1794, he accepted the charge of a school connected with the Broadmead Baptist church, Bristol, and not long after he was baptized, and united with the church. At the same time he entered the theological seminary at Bristol, and devoted himself to the Hebrew, Syriac, and other languages. Becoming interested in Dr. Carey’s work in India, he and his wife, in 1799, offered themselves for missionary service, and sailed May 29, for India. They landed at Serampore October 13, and the mission was established there, Dr. and Mrs. Marshman opening a boarding-school to aid them in the prosecution of their work. In 1806, Dr. Marshman commenced the study of the Chinese language for the purpose of translating the Scriptures into that tongue. In 1814, he published his Key to the Chinese Language, and in fifteen years from the time he commenced his study of the language he completed the publication of the first portion of the Scriptures in the Chinese language, consisting of the book of Genesis, the four Gospels, and Paul’s Epistles to the Romans and Corinthians. In 1826, he visited England, and returned in India in 1829…In 1811, Brown University conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity.

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Marshman’s works include:

  1. Hail, Precious Book Divine
  1. O Thou, My Soul, Forget No More

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