June 18, 1826, Edinburgh, Scotland.

September 19, 1910, Queen’s Gate Palace, London, England.

In the churchyard at Bishopthorpe, York, directly opposite the archbishop’s palace. He lies alongside his longstanding friend and former chaplain, John Keble, nephew of hymnist John Keble.

© National Portrait Gallery

In early life MacLagan entered the army, and served for some time in India. Retiring with the rank of lieutenant, he entered St. Peter’s College, Cambridge (BA 1856, MA 1860). Taking Holy Orders, he served in numerous positions, including Curate of St. Saviour’s, Paddington (1856–58); Curate of St. Stephen’s, Marylebone (1858–60); Secretary to the London Diocesan Church Building Society (1860–65); Curate of Enfield (1865–69); Rector of St. Mary’s, Newington (1869–75); Vicar of Kensington (1875–78); Bishop of Lichfield (1878); and Archbishop of York (1891; in this office, he crowned Queen Alexandra at the coronation of Edward VII). He was also Hon. Chaplain to the Queen, and Prebendary of Reculverland in St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. He retired in 1909.

  1. Again the Trumpet Sounds
  2. Be Still, My Soul! for God Is Near!
  3. Holy Spirit, Lord of Love
  4. It Is Finished! Blessèd Jesus
  5. Lord, When Thy Kingdom Comes
  6. Saints of God! Their Conflict Past, The
  7. What Thanks and Praise to Thee We Owe
  1. Bread of Heaven
  2. Kensington
  3. Newington
  4. Palms of Glory
  5. Scotia
  6. Showers of Blessing