August 12, 1812, New York City.

December 29, 1899, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mount Vernon Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


At age 14, MacKellar entered the printing company of Harper Brothers. In 1833, he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and joined the type foundry of Johnson & Smith as a proofreader. He subsequently became a foreman, then a partner, in the firm, which from 1860 was known as MacKellar, Smiths and Jordan. MacKellar’s works include:

  1. At the Door of Mercy Sighing
  2. Bear the Burden of the Present
  3. Book of Grace and Book of Glory
  4. Draw Nigh to the Holy
  5. Father, in My Life’s Young Morning
  6. I Have No Hiding Place
  7. I Will Extol Thee Every Day
  8. In the Vineyard of Our Father
  9. Jesus! When My Soul Is Parting
  10. O the Darkness, O the Sorrow
  11. There Is a Land Immortal