Salathial Cleaver Kirk

Ap­ril 11, 1845, Per­ry Coun­ty, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Au­gust 20, 1913, Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia.

North­wood Ce­me­te­ry, Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia.


Salathiel was the son of Sol­o­mon Kirk and Mar­ga­ret Will­iams, and hus­band of Sar­ah Jane Ne­ther­wood (mar­ried 1866).

In 1878, he was elect­ed to the Penn­syl­van­ia state le­gis­la­ture for the Fourth Schuyl­kill Dis­trict. As of 1893, he was a court clerk.

His works in­clude:

  1. Acorn Hung up­on a Tree, An
  2. All Alone, O Yes, to the Out­ward Eye
  3. Around the Walls of Je­ri­cho
  4. Band of Hap­py Child­ren, A
  5. Beautiful Flow­ers in Bright Ar­ray
  6. Breezes Soft and Balmy
  7. Brighter Than the Stars Above
  8. Call the Roll for Work
  9. Can We See the Flow­ers Grow
  10. Cause of Christ Is March­ing Now, The
  11. Chase the Ug­ly Frown Away
  12. Chautauqua Hymn
  13. Christmas Star Is Beam­ing, The
  14. Clouds Will Hide the Bright­est, The
  15. Clover White and Clo­ver Red
  16. Conqueror, The
  17. Death’s King­dom Is Van­quished
  18. Do It Now
  19. Every Lit­tle Step I Take
  20. Exalt the King
  21. Falling, Fall­ing, Soft­ly Fall­ing
  22. Field of Dai­sies, White as Snow
  23. Forward in His Name
  24. From Earth to Sky
  25. God Made This World a Place
  26. Hallelujah to the Lord
  27. Happy, Hap­py Morn­ing
  28. He Keep­eth His Pro­mise
  29. He Left a Roy­al Throne
  30. Hear the Rip­pling, Joy­ous Strains
  31. Hearken, Heark­en, Hap­py Greet­ing
  32. How the Lit­tle Clo­ver Grows
  33. I Am Glad That So Well
  34. I Know
  35. If We Could Ar­ray Them
  36. I’m Drink­ing at the Gos­pel Wells
  37. I’m Look­ing Be­yond to the Ci­ty of Light
  38. Is It True?
  39. King Je­sus’ Ban­ner Hoist To­day
  40. King of the Iv­o­ry Pal­ace
  41. Lead On
  42. Little Bird, Wher­e’er It Rests, The
  43. Little Seed at Ran­dom Cast, A
  44. Little Seed One Ev­en­ing Fell, A
  45. Little Stream in the East, A
  46. Living with Jes­us
  47. Long Roll Call Is Sound­ing, The
  48. Man Was Not Made to Mourn
  49. Manger-Babe, The
  50. Master Is Call­ing in Some Way to All, The
  51. No Days Like the Days
  52. O Hear the Call, the Roy­al Call
  53. O How Sweet the Morn­ing Air
  54. O the Beau­ti­ful Flag
  55. O Thou Lamb of Cal­va­ry
  56. O We Ne­ver, Ne­ver Wea­ry
  57. O What a Hap­py Chorus
  58. O Would I Think My Bless­ings
  59. O Ye Her­alds, Take Good Cour­age
  60. Our Best
  61. Over the Soul in the Tem­pest of Life
  62. She Hath Done What She Could
  63. Silver Notes Are Ring­ing, The
  64. So Strange It Seemed
  65. Song of Praise, A
  66. Stars That Shine from Yon­der Height, The
  67. Step Ov­er the Line
  68. Sunbeams Glow, The
  69. Sunbeams, Sun­beams Shin­ing
  70. Sweet Are the Flow­ers
  71. Thou Didst Think of Me
  72. Through the Mea­dow, Round the Hill
  73. ’Tis in Je­sus’ Name We Ga­ther
  74. ’Tis Je­sus!
  75. ’Tis Thanks­giv­ing Morn Again!
  76. True Wis­dom
  77. Viewed On­ly by the Fee­ble Rays
  78. We Greet You All
  79. We Hail Thee King
  80. We Will Hold Aloft
  81. What Shall We Ga­ther
  82. When Far As­tray
  83. When the Bright Sum­mer Days
  84. When the Clouds of Grief and Sor­row
  85. When the Lord Shall Sit on His Throne Above
  86. Whither Go the Beams of Light

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