Eel River Cemetery, Dunn Mill, Indiana.

John was the husband of Em­i­ly Z. Kin­sey.

At one time he was a college music director (probably in Ohio); some records refer to him as Professor Kin­sey.

He moved from Ohio to La­fay­ette, In­di­a­na, around 1885. He retired from the Echo Music Company around 1903, at which time he was living in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois. He turned the company over to his son Carl, and opened a music store in Fort Wayne, In­di­a­na. However, that venture was short lived, and he soon closed it due to failing health. Kin­sey’s works include:

  1. Onward, Christian, Onward Go
  1. Echoes of Glory
  2. Huatulco
  3. Merry Christmas
  4. Pearls and Diamonds
  5. Pitcairn
  6. Rejoice, the King Is Risen