Died: June 6, 1594, Dor­set­shire, Eng­land.


Kethe was a Scot­tish cler­gy­man who spent a great deal of time in ex­ile for his faith. He lived in both Frank­furt, Ger­ma­ny, and Ge­ne­va, Swit­zer­land, and helped trans­late the Ge­ne­va Bi­ble in 1560.

Two do­zen of his hymns ap­peared in the Ang­lo-Ge­ne­van Psalt­er of 1561.

He re­turned to Eng­land and served as vi­car at Child Oke­ford, Dor­set­shire (1561–93), and as a mi­li­ta­ry chap­lain un­der the Earl of War­wick at Havre.



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