Early 20th Century
Maud Frazer
  1. After a Long and Wea­ry Strife
  2. After the Last Good Night I Say
  3. All for Je­sus, All for Je­sus
  4. Art Thou Long­ing, O Soul, to Find Peace
  5. Away with Him
  6. Children of God Here Below
  7. Christ Has Ris­en
  8. Christ Ne­ver Yet Has Failed a Soul
  9. Christians, Be Re­joic­ing as You March Along
  10. Come, None on Earth
  11. Come unto Me, the Sav­ior Is Plead­ing
  12. Coming Home Thro’ the Twi­light Sha­dows Gray
  13. Cry to Arms Is Heard, The
  14. Dear Lord, I Safe­ly May Con­fide
  15. Dear Lord, My Heart Has Heard Thy Call!
  16. Do Not Wan­der Un­cheered and Alone
  17. Door Shall Be Shut, The
  18. Down at the Bless­ed Mas­ter’s Feet
  19. Down with the Evil and Up with the Right
  20. Downward Path of Sin I Trod, The
  21. E’en as the Day Glides
  22. Every One That Ask­eth, Re­ceiv­eth
  23. Feel You Not Your Need of Je­sus
  24. For the Guilt Bur­dened Heart
  25. Full of Glo­ry Was the Day
  26. Full of Joy My Soul To­day
  27. Glad Songs of Praise
  28. Glorious and Vic­tor­i­ous
  29. God Has Pre­pared a Way of Grace
  30. Have You Heard the Gos­pel Sto­ry?
  31. He Ne­ver Dis­ap­points, the Sav­ior
  32. He Wants a Poor Sin­ner Like Me
  33. Hear Now the Fa­ther’s Call
  34. His Is the Love
  35. I Be­long to Je­sus
  36. I Have Said Fare­well to Mo­ther
  37. I Hear Them Still in Me­mo­ry
  38. I Lay Me Down in Peace to Sleep
  39. I Looked up­on a Love­ly Rose
  40. I Once Was Sad and Lone­ly
  41. I Sail in the Light That Shines
  42. I Was Sink­ing
  43. I Will Give, O, Bless­ed Pro­mise
  44. I Would Sing of the Grace That Met Me
  45. If Only We Keep Trust­ing
  46. If You Tell the Love of Je­sus
  47. I’ll Sing and Re­joice in My Sav­ior’s Dear Name
  48. I’ll Trust My Lov­ing Sav­ior
  49. I’m a Mar­in­er Out on a Dark, Trou­bled Sea
  50. I’ve Come Back to Mo­ther’s Bi­ble
  51. Jesus Can Save, My Bro­ther
  52. Jesus, Je­sus Only
  53. Jesus’ Love, a Liv­ing Foun­tain
  54. Jesus, O My Bless­ed Sav­ior
  55. Jesus On­ly, Mid the Tur­moil
  56. Jesus So Loves Us
  57. Joy Await­ing, The
  58. Just a Lit­tle Help From You
  59. Keep on Trust­ing, Tho’ the Skies Are Drear
  60. King Needs Lit­tle Mes­sen­gers, The
  61. Led by the Sav­ior, in His Love Abid­ing
  62. Little Sun­beam, Airy Sun­beam
  63. Little While, a Lit­tle While, A
  64. Little While for Sor­row’s Tears, A
  65. Lo I Am with You Alway
  66. Long Ago When Christ Our Sav­ior
  67. Lord, Look up­on Our Work­ing Days
  68. Lord of All, En­throned on High, The
  69. Love of Je­sus Led Me Home, The
  70. More of Je­sus
  71. My Cup with Bless­ing Ov­er­flow­eth
  72. My Sav­ior’s Come, Like Mu­sic Rings
  73. My Sins Are All For­giv­en Me
  74. My Sins Are For­giv­en, For­got­ten for Aye
  75. My Soul in the Dark­ness Was Near
  76. Neath the King’s Com­mand
  77. Night Is at Hand
  78. Now and For­ev­er He Sav­eth
  79. Now in the Love of the Sav­ior Abid­ing
  80. O Breth­ren, Rise and Sing
  81. O Come and Sing His Prais­es
  82. O Glad and Glor­i­ous Gos­pel
  83. O God of Truth, for Whom I Sigh
  84. O Trou­bled One, You Can Find Peace
  85. O Who Is This That Pa­tient Stands?
  86. Once the Down­ward Path of Sin I Trod
  87. One Day the Shep­herd Passed
  88. Our Lord His Com­ing Will De­lay
  89. Over on the Oth­er Side of Jor­dan
  90. Pass Along the In­vi­ta­tion
  91. Precious Blood of Je­sus, The
  92. Proclaim the Glad Tid­ings
  93. Reckon on God to Do His Part
  94. Resting My Soul on Je­sus
  95. Safe up­on the Hea­ven­ly Shore
  96. Savior Is Wait­ing, My Bro­ther, The
  97. See That Migh­ty Host Ad­vanc­ing
  98. See the Pa­tient Sav­ior Stand
  99. Shall I Emp­ty Hand­ed Be
  100. She Has En­tered in­to Well-Earned Rest
  101. Since I Came to the Cross
  102. Since I Gave My­self to Je­sus
  103. Since My Sins Were Washed Away
  104. Since to Me the Friend of Sin­ners
  105. Sinner to Je­sus I Came, A
  106. So Much the Dear Sav­ior Has Done
  107. So Weak Thou Art
  108. Some Day, May­be Soon
  109. Soul, Adrift up­on Life’s Stormy Sea
  110. Spread Abroad the Name of Je­sus
  111. Story Is Wing­ing Its Way, A
  112. Sunshine, Sun­shine, Warm and Bright
  113. Sunshine, the Birds, The
  114. Take the Jeers and Take the Mock­ing
  115. There Is Hope, O Trou­bled Soul
  116. There Is Joy, There Is Joy
  117. There Shone a Star So Strange­ly
  118. There’s a Bright Home Eter­nal Await­ing
  119. There’s a Song in My Heart
  120. There’s a Thought So Sweet, So Dear
  121. There’s One Who Keeps My Soul in Peace
  122. They Speak No Word
  123. Thine Anx­ious Doubts and Fears
  124. Though a Migh­ty Foe As­sail Thee
  125. Though Bit­ter the Blast of the Storm May Be
  126. Till the Bless­ed Sav­ior Found Me
  127. Up There No Dark Night En­ters
  128. We Wait for Light
  129. We Will Fol­low Thee, Lord Je­sus
  130. Weary Art Thou
  131. We’ve En­list­ed in an Ar­my
  132. What a Gos­pel!
  133. When I See My Sav­ior
  134. When I Think How Je­sus Sought Me
  135. When Long Ago the Thief Con­demned
  136. When My Life on Earth Is O’er
  137. When the Thick Clouds In­ter­vene
  138. Whom Hav­ing Not Seen, I Love
  139. Whosoever Will
  140. Would You Know That Per­fect Peace?
  141. Years Can Not Take Him Away, The
  142. You Can Be a Bless­ing
  143. You May Read in His Glor­i­ous Gos­pel