Circa 1855-Circa 1919

As of 1885, Hunt lived in Lam­pa­sas, Tex­as. His works in­clude:

  1. All, All Is Free
  2. As Weary I Wander
  3. Blessed Jesus, Wilt Thou Hear Me?
  4. Blessed Jesus, Wilt Thou Hear Us?
  5. By the Hand of Jesus
  6. Children Are Coming, The
  7. Christ, the Sinner’s Friend, Is Come
  8. Come, All Ye That Labor
  9. Come Join the Army
  10. Come to the Lamb of God
  11. Forward March
  12. Glorious Day When Christ Shall Come
  13. God Is Love, the Flowers Say
  14. Harvest Bells
  15. Hear the Cry
  16. Hear the Curfew Bells of Heaven
  17. Hiding in the Rock
  18. How Lonely All This Life
  19. I Love to Hear of Jesus
  20. Magnify His Name
  21. O Come to the House of Prayer
  22. One More Witness for Christ Tonight
  23. Peace on Earth
  24. Peace, Peace, Always Peace
  25. Safely There
  26. Tarry with Me, O My Savior
  27. There Is a Cross for Me
  28. There Is a River Deep and Broad
  29. There’s Crape on the Door
  30. To the Arms of Jesus
  31. We Are Going Home to That Happy Land
  32. We Close the Sacred Day
  33. When Low in the Grave This Feeble Form
  34. While Toiling Through This Weary Life
  35. Why Should I Wait?
  36. Woman, Why Weepest Thou?
  1. Appenzell
  2. Chur
  3. Dying Millions
  4. Shout the Tidings