Au­gust 11, 1832, Rutherford County, Tennessee.

Ap­ril 29, 1895, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Eureka Springs Ce­me­te­ry, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


Penn was the husband of Corilla Frances Sayle.

He was educated at the Male Academy in Trenton, Tennessee, and at Union Un­i­ver­si­ty, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. After reading law at the firm of Williams and Wright, he became an attorney and opened his own office in Lexington, Tennessee, around 1852. He served as an officer in the American civil war, spending over a year as a prisoner. After the war, he moved his family to Jefferson, Texas, where he returned to the practice of law. Active in the church, he served as president of the Texas Baptist Sunday School and Colportage Convention in 1873 and 1874. He later became an ordained Baptist minister, and a well known evangelist in Texas, other states, Scotland, and England. His works in­clude:

  1. Alas, Alas, My Day Is Passed
  2. Are Your Treasures on Earth?
  3. As Doves to Their Windows When Darkness
  4. Behold the Savior Stand Today
  5. Cheer Up, Brethren, Never Fear
  6. Christians, Are You Growing Weary?
  7. Come Now, and Let Us Reason
  8. Early in the Morning, Blessed Savior
  9. Fields Are White to Harvest, The
  10. First and Last Call, The
  11. Go Forward, Said the Captain
  12. Harvest Bells
  13. Ho, Everyone That Thirsteth
  14. I Am Waiting, O My Savior
  15. I Believe That Jesus Died
  16. I Love to Think of That Beautiful Home
  17. If the Savior You Would Know
  18. I’m Weary, Heavy Laden
  19. In Our Father’s Home
  20. I’ve Often Been Told
  21. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
  22. Lift Up Your Eyes, Behold and See
  23. O Hear the Gospel Trumpet
  24. O Lord, I Am Burdened
  25. O Sinner, Cast All Doubts Away
  26. O That I Knew Where I Might Find
  27. Of All the Words Man Ever Heard
  28. On Land, on Sea, Where’er We Go
  29. Royal and Rare Was the Wondrous Store
  30. Should Jesus Come at Early Morning
  31. Sheltering Rock, The
  32. There’s a Gate We’re Told
  33. ’Tis Here We Come to See
  34. ’Tis Supper Time, the Feast Is Spread
  35. ’Twas Night, and All Around Was Still
  36. Wanderer Away from Jesus
  37. What Are You Doing for Jesus?
  38. When Darkness Gathers o’er My Soul
  1. Andorra
  2. Are the Signals All Right?
  3. Campinas
  4. Mecklenburg
  5. Open Mine Eyes
  6. Papa, Are You Ready?
  7. Then We’ll See Him