Au­gust 11, 1832, Ru­ther­ford Coun­ty, Ten­nes­see.

Ap­ril 29, 1895, Eu­re­ka Springs, Ar­kan­sas.

Eu­re­ka Springs Ce­me­te­ry, Eu­re­ka Springs, Ar­kan­sas.


Penn was the hus­band of Co­ril­la Fran­ces Sayle.

He was ed­u­cat­ed at the Male Acad­e­my in Tren­ton, Ten­nessee, and at Un­ion Un­i­ver­si­ty, Mur­frees­bo­ro, Ten­nes­see.

After read­ing law at the firm of Will­iams and Wright, he be­came an at­tor­ney and op­ened a law of­fice in Lex­ing­ton, Ten­nes­see, around 1852.

He was an of­fi­cer in the Am­er­i­can ci­vil war, spend­ing ov­er a year as a pri­son­er. Af­ter the war, he moved his fa­mi­ly to Jef­fer­son, Tex­as, where he re­turned to the prac­tice of law.

Ac­tive in the church, he served as pre­si­dent of the Tex­as Bap­tist Sun­day School and Col­port­age Con­ven­tion, 1873–74. He was lat­er or­dained a Bap­tist min­is­ter, and was a well known ev­an­gel­ist in Tex­as, oth­er Am­er­i­can states, Scot­land, and Eng­land.

His works in­clude:

  1. Alas, Alas, My Day Is Passed
  2. Are Your Trea­sures on Earth?
  3. As Doves to Their Win­dows When Dark­ness
  4. Behold the Sav­ior Stand Today
  5. Cheer Up, Breth­ren, Ne­ver Fear
  6. Christians, Are You Grow­ing Wea­ry?
  7. Come Now, and Let Us Rea­son
  8. Early in the Morn­ing, Bless­ed Sav­ior
  9. Fields Are White to Har­vest, The
  10. First and Last Call, The
  11. Go For­ward, Said the Cap­tain
  12. Harvest Bells
  13. Ho, Ev­ery­one That Thirst­eth
  14. I Am Wait­ing, O My Sav­ior
  15. I Believe That Je­sus Died
  16. I Love to Think of That Beau­ti­ful Home
  17. If the Sav­ior You Would Know
  18. I’m Wea­ry, Hea­vy Lad­en
  19. In Our Fa­ther’s Home
  20. I’ve Oft­en Been Told
  21. Let Not Your Heart Be Trou­bled
  22. Lift Up Your Eyes, Be­hold and See
  23. O Hear the Gos­pel Trum­pet
  24. O Lord, I Am Bur­dened
  25. O Sin­ner, Cast All Doubts Away
  26. O That I Knew Where I Might Find
  27. Of All the Words Man Ev­er Heard
  28. On Land, on Sea, Wher­e’er We Go
  29. Royal and Rare Was the Won­drous Store
  30. Should Je­sus Come at Ear­ly Morn­ing
  31. Sheltering Rock, The
  32. There’s a Gate We’re Told
  33. ’Tis Here We Come to See
  34. ’Tis Sup­per Time, the Feast Is Spread
  35. ’Twas Night, and All Around Was Still
  36. Wanderer Away from Je­sus
  37. What Are You Do­ing for Je­sus?
  38. When Dark­ness Ga­thers o’er My Soul
  1. Andorra
  2. Are the Sig­nals All Right?
  3. Campinas
  4. Mecklenburg
  5. Open Mine Eyes
  6. Papa, Are You Rea­dy?
  7. Then We’ll See Him