March 16, 1869, Naperville, Illinois.

February 13, 1954, Mount Vernon, Indiana.

Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville, Indiana.

Julius was the son of Heinrich Freidrich Horstmann and Marie Christine Wilhelmina Hammerschmidt.

He was educated at Northwestern College (now North Central College), Elmhurst College, and Eden Theological Seminary. Ordained in 1931, he served churches in Indiana and Texas in his early career. He edited The Evangelical Herald of the Evangelical Synod of North America (1906–35), and was associate editor of The Messenger of the Evangelical and Reformed Church (1936–39). A number of Horstmann’s hymns appeared in The Evangelical Hymnal (St. Louis, Missouri: Eden Publishing House, 1917). His works include:

  1. Be Thou Faithful unto Death
  1. Arise, Ye Soldiers of the Cross
  2. Behold, How Good and Pleasant
  3. Best of Friends I Have in Heaven, The
  4. God of Might, We Praise Thy Name
  5. Striving Onward, Pressing Forward
  6. Take Thou My Hand and Lead Me
  7. Thy Blessing, O Lord
  8. Wait on God and Trust Him
  9. Work Is Thine, The