May 10, 1857, St. Clair Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

November 22, 1908, Astoria, Illinois.

Oak Lawn Cemetery, Bridgewater, Virginia.


Holsinger was music director of Bridgewater College, Virginia (1882–98), and music editor for the Church of the Brethren (1898–1908). His works include:

  1. I Lift My Heart Today in Praise
  2. Little Ones Like Me
  3. Not Far from the Kingdom of Heaven
  4. Our Country’s Needs Are Pleading
  1. Ankara
  2. At the Savior’s Right Hand
  3. Be Loyal, Pilgrims
  4. Beautiful, Golden Sometime
  5. Beautiful Homeland
  6. Čitluk
  7. I’ll Count My Blessings