1500, Alt­dorf bei Nur­em­berg, Ba­var­ia.

May 3, 1561, Jo­ach­ims­thal, Bo­he­mia (now Jách­y­mov, Czechia).

For ma­ny years Her­mann was mas­ter in the La­tin School in Jo­ach­ims­thal, and can­tor or or­gan­ist and choir­mas­ter in the church.

To­ward the end of his life he suf­fered great­ly from gout, and had to re­sign his post as can­tor a num­ber of years be­fore his death.

His hymn tunes were pub­lished in:

  1. Erschienen Ist der Herr­liche Tag
  2. Hinunter Ist der Son­nen­schein
  3. Lobt Gott, Ihr Chris­ten All­zu­gleich
  4. So Wahr Ich Leb’, Spricht Gott der Herr
  5. Wenn Mein Stünd­lein Vor­hand­en Ist
  1. Erschienen Ist
  2. Hermann
  3. Lobt Gott Ihr Chris­ten
  4. Lützen
  5. Nikolaus
  6. O Heil­ige Drei­fal­tig­keit