Circa 1867–1955

Originally from Ohio, Henry was an early leader in the Holiness Movement near Boyertown, Pennsylvania. In 1889, he answered a call to hold revival meetings in eastern Pennsylvania. Denominational leaders had received requests from congregations there, but had no one to send. Though Henry was only 22 years old, he proved a very effective organizer. He toured eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey for several months each year till 1895. He became a very active evangelist and song writer, holding meetings in every American state and in Britain. A small congregation in Liverpool was started through his work, and he later founded a congregation in Springfield, Missouri, where he served as pastor for 13 years.

  1. All in All to Me (1907)
  2. Are You Walking in the Light?
  3. Away Down in Egypt’s Land
  4. Brother, Around You Lost Souls May Be Found
  5. Come, Poor Sinner, Come to Jesus
  6. Come, Sinner, Come, God Is Calling Thee
  7. For All the Savior Has Done for Me
  8. From the Burden of Sin
  9. Glory in My Soul
  10. Go Tell the World That Jesus Has Suffered
  11. Harvest Is Past and the Summer Is Ended, The
  12. He Brought Me Out of Darkness into Light
  13. He Never Has Failed Me Yet
  14. I Am Fighting in the Army of the Lord
  15. I Am Fully Saved Today
  16. I Cannot Be Idle
  17. I Have Found a Retreat
  18. I Have Found a Sweet Rest
  19. I Once Was a Slave in the Bondage of Sin
  20. If You Would Be a Pillar in the Church of God
  21. I’ll Follow Jesus Here, I’ll Never, Never Fear
  22. I’ll Not Be Afraid for the Terror by Night
  23. I’m Glad I Counted the Cost
  24. I’m Walking Each Day by the Side of My Lord
  25. In His Pavilion Hiding
  26. In the Shadow of the Cross Let Me Hide
  27. I’ve Forsaken All to Follow in the Footsteps
  28. I’ve Found the Savior Who Died for Man
  29. Jesus Brought Me Out All Right (1907)
  30. Jesus Was a Great Physician
  31. Keep Me Near Thee, Blessed Jesus
  32. Let Us Ever Love Each Other
  33. Lord, I Would Be Wholly Thine
  34. Lord Jesus, My Blessed Redeemer
  35. Lord’s My Shepherd, The
  36. Love Led the Savior to Dark Calvary
  37. My Soul Was Once So Sad and Drear
  38. Nothing but Leaves I’ve Gathered
  39. O Brother, Watch Your Step
  40. O We Are Saved in Jesus’ Blood
  41. O We Love Our Sunday School
  42. Once My Heart Was Sad and Lonely
  43. Out on Sin’s Dark Mountain
  44. Since I Made a Full Surrender
  45. Since My Sins Are All Forgiven
  46. There Are Many False Religions
  47. There’s a Promise of the Lord
  48. There’s a Thought That Sustains Me
  49. There’s Salvation Full and Free
  50. Though Often I’m Tempted and Sorely I’m Tried
  51. Wand’ring Afar from My Home Above
  52. We’re a Band of Happy Pilgrims
  53. When I Travel the Pathway so Rugged and Steep
  54. When I Was Bound in Sin and Shame
  55. When My Sky Is Clear and Bright
  56. When the Lord in All His Glory
  57. When the Storm Clouds Gather
  58. Where’er I Go in This Land of Sin
  59. Where’er My Savior’s Hand May Lead
  60. Why Stand Ye All Day Idle?
  61. Wonderful Fountain Is Opened, A
  62. Your Burden of Sin Will Be Taken Away