March 1, 1855, McClean County, Kentucky.

September 20, 1938, Madisonville, Kentucky.

Browder’s Church Cemetery, Hopkins County, Kentucky.


John was the son of John B. Hendricks and Harriet Ellen Danner.

He attended his first singing school at age 18. Two years later, he began teaching, continuing until 1879, when he went to Arkansas and began farming. Returning to Kentucky in 1881, he began working in the tobacco business, but in 1886 he re-entered the music field. Three years later he went to Texas. In 1894, he attended a session of the Southern Normal Musical Institute (SNMI) in Midlothian, Texas, and was in the first graduating class of the SNMI at the home of its principal, Anthony Showalter, in Dalton, Georgia. Afterward, he attended a post-graduate course and several more SNMI sessions, and taught in Texas and Kentucky.

Hendricks co-authored Song-Land Messenger No. 2, Our Thankful Songs, and Hymns of Glory. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and a large stockholder in the A. J. Showalter Company and the Showalter-Patton Company.

  1. Come to the Fountain of Love
  2. Gone from Earth to Heaven
  3. I Will Praise Thee, Blessèd Jesus
  1. Leytonstone
  2. Yellowstone

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