February 28, 1836, St. David’s Hall, Exeter, England.

March 3, 1883, Bradfield, Essex, England.

Son of Richard Hayne, Rector of Mistley, Essex, Leighton graduated from Eton College, Windsor, and Queen’s College, Oxford (BMus 1856, DMus 1860). At school, he was Eton College’s organist and conducted the Oxford University chorus. He also served as chaplain of Queen’s College; Vicar of Helston, Cornwall (1866–67); Succentor of Eton (1867–71); and Rector of Mistley (1871–83); and Vicar of Bradfield (1871). He was also known as an organ builder.

  1. Buckland
  2. Chalvey
  3. Deliverance
  4. St. Cecilia
  5. St. Lawrence