May 11, 1851, New York Ci­ty.

Sep­tem­ber 21, 1935, Pass­a­vant Hos­pi­tal, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.

Wood­lawn Ce­me­te­ry, New York City.


Gray ac­cepted Christ at age 22. He was ed­u­cat­ed at Bates Col­lege, Lew­is­ton, Maine (Doc­tor of Di­vi­ni­ty), and the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Des Moines, Io­wa (Doc­tor of Laws).

In 1879 he be­came rec­tor of the First Re­formed Epis­co­pal Church in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts, where he served 14 years.

He then be­came dean (1904–25) and pre­si­dent (1925–34) of the Moo­dy Bi­ble In­sti­tute, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois. He di­rect­ed pub­li­ca­tion of four ed­it­ions (1921–28) of the Voice of Thanks­giv­ing, of­fi­cial hym­nal of the In­sti­tute.

A con­ser­va­tive the­o­lo­gian, Gray was one of se­ven ed­it­ors of the po­pu­lar Sco­field Re­fer­ence Bi­ble. He was a fine scho­lar and ex­cel­lent Bi­ble teach­er, but his in­ter­ests went be­yond mere ac­a­demics.

He pro­moted the Sun­day School, and took an in­ter­est in ci­vic af­fairs and pa­tri­o­tic caus­es. He backed ef­forts at so­cial bet­ter­ment, sup­por­ted Pro­hi­bi­tion, and wrote about 20 books.

  1. All Hail the Com­ing Son of God
  2. Angel Who Re­deemed Me, The
  3. At the Turn of the Road
  4. Bible, There It Stands, The
  5. Burden of My Fear and Sin, The
  6. Buttercups Tell Us, The
  7. By His Stripes We Are Healed
  8. Christ Je­sus Hath the Pow­er
  9. Christian Fel­low­ship Song
  10. Come to the Sav­ior, O Do Not De­lay
  11. Complete in Thee! No Work of Mine
  12. Even from the Cra­dle My Life Thou Hast Guid­ed
  13. Father of Mer­cies, When Fear Pos­sessed Me
  14. Freedom Reigns With­in the Hearts
  15. God Keeps His Pro­mise (1928)
  16. God Will Give His Child­ren Peace
  17. He Came from the Bo­som of God
  18. He Has Gone Out of Sight
  19. Holy Ghost! With Light, Shin­ing on This Heart of Mine
  20. Holy Spir­it, Bend­ing Low­ly
  21. Holy Spir­it, Calm the Rest­less
  22. I Am on the Glo­ry Side
  23. I Find Thee So Pre­cious
  24. I Have No Friend Like Je­sus
  25. I Know No Oth­er Je­sus
  26. I Saw One Hang­ing on a Tree
  27. I Want a Sense of Par­don­ing Grace
  28. If Any Man Thirst, Let Him Come un­to Me
  29. If No One Else Will Say It
  30. If One Bid Thee Go a Mile
  31. In All the Gos­pel of God’s Grace
  32. In All the Im­po­tence of Need
  33. In Pain, on Couch of Weak­ness
  34. It Is a Good Thing to Give Thanks un­to the Lord
  35. I’ve Part­ed at Last from the World and Its Store
  36. Jesus Is Com­ing, Is Com­ing
  37. Jesus Knows My Great­est Tri­al
  38. Leaving It All with Je­sus
  39. Let Him Come
  40. Let Us Ex­alt the Name of Christ To­ge­ther
  41. Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates Eter­nal
  42. Like Sweet Mu­sic, Soft­ly Break­ing
  43. Lord God the Ho­ly Ghost
  44. Missing the Lost, O Shep­herd True
  45. My Fa­ther, I Give Thanks
  46. My Heart Has Come to the Place of Rest
  47. My Sins Laid Op­en to the Rod
  48. Nor Sil­ver nor Gold
  49. O Bro­ther, Be­lov­ed in Christ Je­sus
  50. O Drink of the Foun­tain That Ne­ver Runs Dry
  51. O God, We Want to Thank Thee
  52. O Hast­en Thine Ap­pear­ing
  53. O How Can We Thank Thee, Our God, for the Bi­ble?
  54. O Je­sus, I Need Thee
  55. O Let Us Keep Prais­ing
  56. O Lord, Send a Re­vi­val!
  57. O Ne­ver Look Back to the World Again
  58. O Pil­grim, as You Jour­ney
  59. O Thou, My Je­sus, Thou Didst Me
  60. Of Self I Am Wea­ry
  61. On the Cross His Life Out-poured
  62. One with the Lord, and Bound to One An­o­ther
  63. Only a Sin­ner
  64. Over the Ri­ver, the Old Sweet Song
  65. Refiner Sat by the Se­ven-Fold Fire, The
  66. Savior Who Loves Me, The
  67. See, Je­sus Comes to Jor­dan’s Bank
  68. Sometimes We Feel Down­heart­ed
  69. Sound His Prais­es
  70. Sound the Prais­es of Our Lord
  71. Savior Who Loves Me, The
  72. Story That Ne­ver Grows Old, The
  73. There Is a Gate! O Bless the Lord
  74. There Is Wis­dom That Gold Can­not Buy
  75. There’s a Way Out of Sin
  76. This Life Is a Bat­tle
  77. This My Pray­er
  78. Thou Dost Love Us Ev­er
  79. True His­tor­ic Je­sus, The
  80. Two Paths Are Be­fore You
  81. Victory in My Soul
  82. Wedding Feast at Ga­li­lee, A
  83. What Did He Do?
  84. When I Be­lieved on Je­sus Christ
  85. When Is­ra­el Out of Egypt Came
  86. When Is­ra­el Went Out of Egypt
  87. Who Is the King of Glo­ry?
  88. Why Say Ye Not a Word?
  89. Will You Heed the Di­vine In­vi­ta­tion?