June 18, 1818, Pa­ris, France.

Oc­to­ber 18, 1893, Saint-Cloud, France.

Ci­me­ti­ère d’Au­teuil, Pa­ris, France.


Charles was the son of Fran­çois Lou­is Gou­nod.

He en­tered the Con­ser­va­toire in 1836, stu­dy­ing un­der Ha­lé­vy and oth­ers, gain­ing the Grand Prix de Rome in 1839. After spend­ing some years in It­a­ly and Ger­ma­ny, he re­turned to Paris, where he spent the rest of his life, except 1870–75, when he lived in Eng­land.

He was elect­ed a mem­ber of the In­sti­tut de France in 1866.

In the se­cu­lar world, one of Gou­nod’s most played works is Fun­er­al March of the Mar­io­nettes, which was the ba­sis of the theme song for the te­le­vi­sion show Al­fred Hitch­cock Pre­sents (1955–62).

  1. Cradled All Lo­wly
  2. Hail, Migh­ty Vic­tor, Shout Forth the Tid­ings
  3. Lux Fi­at
  4. Lux Pri­ma
  5. March Ro­maine
  6. Olney
  7. Radiant Morn
  8. Rouen