Au­gust 15, 1740, Reinfeld (near Lübeck), Holstein, Germany.

Jan­u­a­ry 21, 1815, Hamburg, Germany.

Friedhof an der Wandsbeker Christuskirche, Wandsbek, Germany.


Claudius was the son of Mat­thi­as Clau­di­us, Lu­ther­an pastor at Rein­feld. An ancestor, a Lu­ther­an pastor in who died in 1586, had La­tin­ized his name, Claus Paul­sen, to Clau­di­us Pau­li, and his descendants adopted Clau­di­us as their surname.

Matthias entered the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Je­na in 1759 as a theology student, but being in ill health, and finding little interest in his studies, he turned instead to law and languages.

After a short visit to Co­pen­ha­gen, he joined the Ham­burg News Agency (Adress-Comp­toir­nach­rich­ten) in 1768. Moving to Wands­beck, near Ham­burg, he became in 1771 editor of the literary portion of the Wands­becker Bo­te, and contributed a number of his poems to the Gött­ing­en Mu­sen-Al­ma­nach.

In 1776, he was appointed a Commissioner of Agriculture and Manufactures in Hess­en-Darm­stadt; in 1777 editor of the official Hess­en-Darm­stadt newspaper; and in 1788 the Crown Prince of Den­mark made him auditor of the Schles­wig-Hols­tein Bank at Al­to­na.

  1. Das Grab ist leer
  2. Der Mond ist aufgegangen
  3. Im Anfang war’s auf Erden (Wir pflügen und wir streuen)