July 31, 1895, Lebanon, Missouri.

August 19, 1970, Brownwood, Texas.

Eastlawn Memorial Park, Early, Texas.

Carnett received a Diploma of Gospel Music from the Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Fort Worth,Texas, in 1920, and a Bachelor of Sacred Music degree in 1926. He completed some work on a Bachelor of Theology degree, and served on the seminary’s music faculty, 1920-35. After leaving the seminary, he served as associate pastor and choir director of the Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee; served four years on the music faculty of the Baptist Bible Institute, New Orleans, Louisiana; and was pastor for three years at the First Baptist Church, Mansfield, Louisiana. In 1945, he was elected Director of the Southwestern Baptist Seminary’s School of Sacred Music. Carnett’s works include:

  1. Come to the Savior
  2. He’ll Make the Sun Shine Brightly
  3. It Is Finished

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