January 25, 1858, Tishomingo County, Mississippi.

April 3, 1923, Oklahoma.

Riverside Cemetery, Mangum, Oklahoma.


Burt attended his first singing school at age 12, and learned read simple music as a youth. He came to Christ at age 13, and married at 21. At age 25, he gave up farming to attend college, then for two years taught literary school, after which he returned to farming and taught singing schools part time. In 1889, he obtained a copy of Anthony Showalter’s Theory of Music and began studying harmony and composition. In 1893, he moved west, and as of 1904 was living in Mangum, Oklahoma. He eventually attended the Southern Normal Musical Institute and other schools. He began writing verse as a young adult, and began composing music in the 1890’s. His works include:

  1. I’m Seeking a Home
  2. Sacred Fountain, The