Herman Brückner

March 11, 1866, Grundy County, Iowa (birth name: Herman Heinrich Moritz Brueckner).

January 25, 1942, Hebron, Nebraska (funeral held in Beatrice, Nebraska).

St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, Waverly, Iowa.

Husband of Dorothea Staehling, Brueckner was ordained in 1888. He served pastorates in Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. He later moved to Iowa City, Iowa, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Iowa State University in 1917. In 1926, he joined the faculty of Hebron College in Nebraska. In 1938, Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa, conferred an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree on him. He retired as professor emeritus from Hebron College in 1941.

  1. Abide with Us, Lord Jesus
  2. All Hail, Thou Day of Wondrous Grace
  3. Aloft in Yonder Belfry
  4. Arise, My Soul, New Light Receiving
  5. As o’er the Realm of Nature
  6. Awake, My Heart, and Marvel
  7. Awake, Thou Spirit, Bold and Daring
  8. Blessed Jesus, At Thy Word
  9. By Grace I Am an Heir of Heaven
  10. By Nature Man Cannot Achieve
  11. By Sin Weighed Down, and Sorely Stricken
  12. Christ, of Holiness the Fountain
  13. Christians, Keep Your Banners Waving
  14. Come Now, Ye Shepherds
  15. Dayspring of Eternity
  16. Dear Christians, Let Us All Rejoice
  17. Firmly in My Hand I Hold
  18. Five Wells I Know from Which Do Flow
  19. From Distant Shores Returning
  20. From His Throne in Heaven
  21. Go Joyfully Forth to War Against Sin
  22. Go with Jesus to Thy Task
  23. God Is in His Holy Temple
  24. He Lives, My Lord Has Left the Grave
  25. Heavens Cannot Thee Embrace, The
  26. I Have Chosen Thee, My Savior
  27. I Worship Love’s Transcending Power
  28. If God Himself Be for Me
  29. Immanuel, to Thee We Sing
  30. Jesus Christ as King Is Reigning
  31. Jesus, My Captain, to Victory Lead Me
  32. Jesus, Our Captain, Hope of Our Salvation
  33. Jesus, Savior of the Virgin Born
  34. Jesus, Savior, Wondrous Mild
  35. Jesus, Sun of Gladness
  36. Lamb Goes Forth Our Griefs to Share, A
  37. Let the Earth Exalt the Lord
  38. Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus
  39. Lift Up the Banner of Salvation
  40. Lord Hath Helped Me Hitherto, The
  41. Lord Jesus Christ, of Virgin Born
  42. Lord Jesus Christ, the Cause Is Thine
  43. Lord Jesus Christ, with Us Abide
  44. Lord, Open Thou Both Heart and Ear
  45. Lord, Thy Blessing Send Us
  46. Lord, Thy Word, That Sacred Treasure
  47. Midst the Lilies Blooming Yonder
  48. Morning Sun Illumines the Skies, The
  49. Most Fervent Thanks I Render
  50. My Beautiful Home Is in Heaven Above
  51. My Heart Delights, O Lord
  52. My Soul Has Found the Sure Foundation
  53. My Truest Friend Abides in Heaven
  54. Now to Gain a Night’s Repose
  55. O Come, Little Children
  56. O God, if Thy Beloved Son
  57. O Holy Child, We Welcome Thee
  58. O Let Us Praise the Christmas Tree
  59. O Lord, Thou Living Bread from Heaven
  60. O Love Divine, All Else Transcending
  61. O My Savior, I Adore Thee
  62. O That Thy Fire Now Soon Were Kindled
  63. O Where Is the Home for the Soul to Be Found?
  64. One Thing Only, Lord, Is Needful
  65. Onward Move
  66. Our Savior to the Jordan Came
  67. Seek Ye Who Will Some Other Way
  68. Sinners May to Christ Draw Near
  69. Soul of Mine, to God Awaking
  70. Soul, with All Thine Anguish
  71. Sun Ascending, The
  72. Sun’s Bright Rays Are Lost to Sight, The
  73. Tender Plant Is Growing, A
  74. Thank Ye the Lord
  75. That We Our Will to Him Might Yield
  76. Tribute of Our Thanks We Bring, The
  77. There Is a Gentle Gardener
  78. Thou Art the Way, the Truth, the Life from Heaven
  79. To God Be Honor, Laud and Praise
  80. To Thee, Eternal God, Our Fervent Thanks
  81. To Us from Heaven’s Lofty Height
  82. Truest Friend Abides in Heaven, The
  83. Upon a Mount There Stood a Tree
  84. Wait Thou, O My Soul
  85. We Gather to Worship Jehovah
  86. Weary Now I Go to Rest
  87. Weary Now, I Seek Repose
  88. What Wealth of Joy Thy Presence Lendeth
  89. When Children, Young and Tender
  90. Who Knows How Soon My Days Are Ended?
  91. Why Art Thou Heavy Hearted?
  92. Why Should I Repine in Sadness?
  93. With Noiseless Step an Angel
  94. With the Lord Thy Task Begin
  95. Would You Know My Greatest Prize
  96. Ye Baptized People, One and All
  97. Ye Christians, Sing a Joyful Lay
  98. Zion’s Daughter, O Rejoice
  1. Be Ye Joyful, Earth and Sky
  2. Evening and Morning
  3. God Himself Is Present
  4. O Take My Hand, Dear Father

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