Early 20th Century

Date unknown, but songs by Bronner were in publication by 1905.

We do not know if this author was a man or woman, but we have seen at least one reference to a lyricist named Mrs. Rene Bronner. Bronner’s works include:

  1. Bells of Joy and Gladness
  2. Glory in the Highest
  3. Hear the Mighty Army Singing
  4. His Love Is Always True
  5. If You Would Be Glad and Happy
  6. If You’d Banish Sin and Sorrow
  7. In the Cause of Right
  8. King Was Born Today, A
  9. Night, Silent Night, Let Us
  10. Once Again We Hear the Glad Bells Chime
  11. Onward to Fields of Glory
  12. Ring Out Tonight Through the Waiting Land
  13. Spread the Sunshine
  14. Still with Me
  15. There Is One Who Never Leaves
  16. There’s a Call for Soldiers True
  17. ’Tis Sweet to Read His Blessed
  18. We Hail This Day
  19. What Makes Us So Happy
  20. When Life Is Young and Hope Is Bright and Fair