Blanche & Virgil Brock

January 6, 1887, Mercer County, Ohio.

March 12, 1978, Jackson, Michigan.

Oakwood Cemetery, Warsaw, Indiana.

Virgil was ordained a minister of the Christian Church at age 19. In 1914, while serving in Greens Fork, Indiana, he met and married Blanche Kerr, who served as the team’s composer and pianist. Virgil knew nothing of music theory, but with Blanche’s help, he’s credited with writing more than 500 songs. Trinity College, Dunedin, Florida, awarded him an Honorary Degree of Sacred Music in 1969 for his contributions to the field.

The Brocks lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, from as early as 1942 until Blanche’s death in 1958. Virgil spent his last days at the Youth Haven Ranch, a mission to underprivileged children in Rives Junction, Michigan.

  1. Back to Mother’s Knee
  2. Be Ye Transformed (1938)
  3. Beyond the Sunset
  4. Challenge of the New Day (1935)
  5. Deeper, Lord, Still Deeper (1936)
  6. Fill Your Heart with Sunshine
  7. Garden of Memories, The (1937)
  8. God Sees Us
  9. Grieving the Best Friend (1938)
  10. He Careth for Me
  11. Help Me to Share
  12. He’s a Wonderful Savior to Me
  13. He’s Everything to Me
  14. I Can’t Count My Blessings
  15. I Want to Do My Best
  16. I Want to Walk Where Jesus Walked
  17. If You Could Know
  18. It’s a Reality
  19. Joyfully Sing We
  20. Keep on Smiling (1938)
  21. Men of God, Awake, Arise
  22. Morning Prayer, A (1938)
  23. My All to Him I Owe (1938)
  24. O Wonderful Day
  25. Personal Savior to Me, A (1938)
  26. Resting in His Love
  27. Sing and Smile and Pray
  28. Today Is Mine
  29. Wonderful Love, Joy and Peace (1938)
  30. Wonderful, Boundless Peace