Early 20th Century

We have little data on this author. Copyright records indicate she had married by 1916, and her married name was Mary Bernstecher Dull.

  1. Are You Bending ’Neath Some Burden?
  2. Away from Jesus, Away from God
  3. Every Moment as I Travel
  4. God Is There, Behind the Shadows
  5. He Will Answer Every Prayer
  6. I Have Read of a Song So Wondrous Sweet
  7. I Need but Go to Jesus
  8. In a Land of Perfect Joy and Peace
  9. In the Morning, over Yonder
  10. Jesus Is Our Leader, We His Soldiers
  11. Jesus Is Waiting, He Pleads with You
  12. Knowing Not God’s Presence
  13. Let Earth’s Brightest Pleasures Vanish
  14. Many Years Ago a Mother Fond and True
  15. O the Wondrous Love
  16. Over on the Other Side of Jordan
  17. Send Out a Light
  18. Someone Is Yearning for You to Know
  19. Sometime the Peace My Heart Has Longed For
  20. There Is a Song I Love to Sing
  21. There’s an Old Fashioned Home over Yonder
  22. Through Days of Toil and Sorrow
  23. Turn Backward Through Pathways of Memory
  24. When the Day Seems Dark and Dreary