February 4, 1873, Youngstown, Ohio.

October 10, 1958, Reed City, Michigan.

Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California.


When Bennard was very young, his family moved to Albia, Iowa, then Lucas, Iowa. He wanted a career in evangelism, but was forced instead to support his mother and sisters when his father died. After marrying, he and his wife worked for the Salvation Army in Illinois, and he later served as an evangelist in America and Canada. Bennard spent his last years in Reed City, Michigan, where the Chamber of Commerce erected a cross near his home. The Old Rugged Cross Historical Museum in Reed City commemorates his work. Bennard’s works include:

  1. At Home, at School, at Play
  2. Back to Pentecost
  3. Battle Is Raging, The
  4. Beautiful Canaan
  5. Beautiful Fountain, The
  6. Blessed Lamb of Calvary
  7. Blood Sprinkled Way, The
  8. Born Again
  9. Canaan of Perfect Love, The
  10. Carry the News to the Nations
  11. Cast on Him Your Burden
  12. Come Home
  13. Come to the Savior
  14. Crimson Cross, The
  15. Cross-Crowned Calvary
  16. Debt of Love I Owe, The
  17. Don’t Turn Him Away
  18. Ere the Sun Goeth Down
  19. Exceeding Great and Precious
  20. God Answers Prayer
  21. God Looked in Pity
  22. Have Thy Way, Lord
  23. Have You, My Brother, the Spirit Received?
  24. He Satisfies
  25. Heaven Is a City
  26. Higher Than the Highest Heaven
  27. I Heard a Voice
  28. I Need Jesus All the Way
  29. I Will Trust Him
  30. If I Go Not Away
  31. I’ll Sing It, I’ll Tell It
  32. I’m a Pilgrim and a Stranger
  33. I’m Enjoying the Blessing of Holiness
  34. In Canaan
  35. In the Book of God So Precious
  36. In the Days of Youth
  37. In the Fullness of the Blessing
  38. Is It Nothing to You?
  39. Is It Well with Your Soul Today?
  40. It Was for Me
  41. It’s What We Need Today
  42. I’ve Grieved Thee, Lord
  43. Jesus Died for All the Children
  44. Jesus Is Dearer Than All
  45. Jesus Is Precious to Me
  46. Jesus Is the Rock of Ages
  47. Jesus, My Savior, to Thee I’m Coming
  48. Jesus Paid Our Ransom Long Ago
  49. Jesus the Lamb Left His Glory
  50. Let Go, and Let God Have His Say
  51. Like a River Broad and Deep
  52. Like Ships in the Night
  53. Live, Love, Serve
  54. Lord, Give Us Souls
  55. Love Never Faileth
  56. Make Me More Like Jesus
  57. March Along, Sing a Song
  58. Mighty Revival, A
  59. My Burdens Went Rolling Away
  60. My Heart Says Yes to Jesus
  61. My Poor Life Was Full of Sadness
  62. My Song of Love
  63. O What Would I Do Without Jesus?
  64. Old Rugged Cross, The
  65. Only Flag for Me, The
  66. Out of the Heart of God
  67. Outside the Gate Did Jesus Go
  68. Pass the Blessing On
  69. Place Called Calvary, The
  70. Praise the Lord, I Am Free
  71. Pray Till the Victory Comes
  72. Religions, Creeds, and Theories
  73. Road Leads Home, The
  74. Saved at Last
  75. Sea of Love, The
  76. Seek and Find the Fullness of His Love
  77. Sing, O Sing of the Precious Blood
  78. Sing We of the Precious Fountain
  79. Song of Trust, A
  80. Songs My Mother Sang to Me, The
  81. Speak, for Thy Servant Heareth
  82. Speak, My Lord
  83. Story of His Love, The
  84. Tell Me His Name Again
  85. There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood
  86. There Is None Like Jesus
  87. They’re All Blotted Out
  88. This World Is Not My Home
  89. Thy Will, Not Mine
  90. Traveling Home with God
  91. We’re Here on Business for Our King
  92. What Value, My Friend?
  93. When Jesus Comes in Glory
  94. When the King Comes Back Again
  95. Where Will You Spend Eternity?
  96. While I Journey in This World Below
  97. Work That I Must Do
  98. You Must Meet Him at the Judgment