Scripture Verse

Thy will be done. Matthew 6:10


Words: George Ben­nard, 1910.

Music: Le­vi George Ben­nard (🔊 pdf nwc).

George Bennard


Jesus, see me at Thy feet,
With my sacrifice complete;
I am bringing all to Thee,
Thine alone I’ll be.


Have Thy way, Lord, have Thy way,
This with all my heart I say;
I’ll obey Thee, come what may;
Dear Lord, have Thy way.

O how patient Thou hast been
With my pride and inbred sin!
O what mercy Thou hast shown,
Grace and love unknown!


Lord, I loathe myself and sin,
Enter now and make me clean;
Make my heart just like Thine own;
Come, Lord, take Thy throne.


Lord, Thy love has won my all,
Let Thy Spirit on me fall;
Burn up every trace of sin;
Make me pure within.


Praise the Lord, the work is done!
Praise the Lord, the victory’s won!
Now the blood is cleansing me,
From all sin I’m free.