November 6, 1681, Boston, Massachusetts.

January 24, 1770, Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Old Burial Hill, Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Barnard earned his MA degree from Harvard University, then received an appointment from Governor Dudley as an army chaplain. After serving at Acacia and Port Royal, he sailed to Barbados in 1709, and then to London. He returned to America in 1710, and in 1714 he and Edward Holyoke became joint pastors of a church in Marblehead, Massachusetts. In 1716, the church split, and Barnard received a full time pastorate. His works include:

  1. Nations That Long in Darkness Walked
  2. O God, to Our Repeated Cries
  3. O Happy Day, When Saints Shall Meet
  4. Thrice Blest the Man
  1. Marblehead