March 3, 1841, West Der­by, Li­ver­pool, England.

March 20, 1931, Mid­dles­brough, York­shire, Eng­land.

Ella was the daughter of S. M. Bul­ley of Li­ver­pool, and granddaughter of Tho­mas Raf­fles, and wife of nonconformist minister El­ka­nah Ar­mi­tage (married 1874), who was (as of 1891), Theological Professor at the Con­gre­ga­tion­al Unit­ed College at Brad­ford, Eng­land.

In October 1871, she was one of the first five students at Newn­ham College, Cam­bridge University, and taught history in the Women’s Department at Ow­ens College in Man­ches­ter. She was the first woman on the school board at Ro­ther­ham, York­shire; an honorary fellow of the Society of An­ti­quar­ies of Scot­land; and first president of the York­shire Con­gre­ga­tion­al Wo­men’s Guild of Christ­ian Service. Her works include:

  1. Day of Prayer Is Ending, The
  2. Eternal Love, Whose Law Doth Sway
  3. Except the Lord the Temple Build
  4. In Our Dear Lord’s Garden
  5. It Is the Lord Himself Who Tends
  6. March on, March On, Ye Soldiers True
  7. Not Only for the Goodly Fruit-Trees Tall
  8. O Father, in Thy Father’s Heart
  9. O Lord of All, We Bring to Thee Our Sacrifice of Praise
  10. O Lord of Hosts, the Fight Is Long
  11. O Lord of Life, and Love, and Power
  12. Praise Be to God, Who Bids the Earth
  13. Praise for the Garden of God upon Earth
  14. Though Home Be Dear, and Life Be Sweet