November 16, 1854, Maine.

Bartholomew County, Indiana.

Hartsville College Cemetery, Hartsville, Indiana.

Armen, a minister, was the son of John Ar­men and Cath­ar­ine Buve, and husband of Lu­cre­tia Shuck (married in 1884 in In­di­a­na).

  1. Lead Me, O My Savior
  2. Fear Not, Little Flock
  3. For the Love of God’s Only Son
  4. In the Secret of Thy Presence
  5. In This World of Sin and Sorrow
  6. Lead Me, O My Savior
  7. O Slumberer, Awake
  8. Open Your Heart to Jesus
  9. Precious Savior, I Will Trust Thee
  10. Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
  11. Take Up Thy Cross and Follow Me
  12. There Comes a Cry from o’er the Sea
  13. There’s Many a Stranger on Life’s Weary Way
  14. Though Thoughtless I’ve Broken the Law
  1. Hyderabad