No­vem­ber 25, 1875, Mc­Len­nan Coun­ty, Tex­as.

De­cem­ber 24, 1972, Ta­ho­ka, Texas.

Ta­ho­ka Ce­me­te­ry, Ta­ho­ka, Texas.


A mem­ber of the Church of Christ, All­phin wrote re­li­gious mu­sic, pi­a­no so­los, and band march­es. Lat­er in life, he was a tax ac­count­ant.

His works in­clude:

  1. All Glo­ry and Hon­or to Je­sus Forever
  2. All Glo­ry and Hon­or to Je­sus, My King
  3. All Is Well, My Sav­ior Leads Me
  4. All Praise Be to Je­sus, the King of All Kings
  5. Amid the Cares of Life
  6. As We Tread This Vale Be­low
  7. As You Jour­ney On­ward Through This Vale Be­low
  8. As You Tra­vel Day by Day
  9. As You Tra­vel Through This Land
  10. Bear the Tid­ings of Sal­va­tion
  11. Behold the Har­vest, Now White
  12. Behold What Won­drous Love Is This
  13. Blessed Sav­ior, Now, We Pray
  14. Brother, the Lord Bids You
  15. Brother, What of the Seed You Are Sow­ing?
  16. Call Now Comes for Reap­ers, The
  17. Call of Death’s Sol­emn Sound
  18. Can We Count on You in the Mas­ter’s Work?
  19. Come Ye Now, Saith God
  20. For Us the Sav­ior’s Life Was Giv­en
  21. Go Ye, Said the Sav­ior, in­to All the World
  22. Hark, the Master Calls for Reap­ers
  23. Have You Grown Wea­ry?
  24. Hear Him Plead­ing
  25. Hear the Clar­i­on Call Ring­ing
  26. I Am on My Pil­grim Jou­rney
  27. I Am Think­ing of That Coun­try
  28. I Am Walk­ing by My Sav­ior’s Side
  29. I Do Not Ask to See the Way
  30. I Have a Sure Foun­da­tion
  31. I Hear a Voice from Realms Above
  32. I Want to Sing of the Sov­er­eign Grace
  33. I Would Fol­low My Sav­ior and King
  34. If Our Blessed Lord Is Lead­ing
  35. If You’re Free from Con­dem­na­tion
  36. I’ll Go On­ward Re­joic­ing
  37. I’ll Ne­ver Forget the Hap­py Day
  38. I’m Dwell­ing with Je­sus, My Sav­ior and King
  39. In Bat­tle Roy­al, Like Sol­diers Loy­al
  40. In the Light of the Gos­pel
  41. I’ve a Friend Whose Name Is Je­sus
  42. I’ve Found a Friend, a Pre­cious Friend
  43. Jesus For­sook His Hea­ven­ly Glo­ry
  44. Jesus, Shep­herd, Ten­der, Kind
  45. Let Us Go Work in the Har­vest To­day
  46. Let Us Now with Songs of Glad­ness
  47. Let Us Scat­ter Sun­shine All Along Life’s Way
  48. Line Is Drawn To­day, A
  49. Lo the Fields Now Are Ripe for Har­vest
  50. Look on the Hill the Val­ley and Plain
  51. Lord Is My Re­fuge, The
  52. Master Is Call­ing for Reap­ers To­day, The
  53. Multitudes Once Came, The
  54. My Once Sin­ful Heart Was De­lud­ed
  55. My Sav­ior Dear, My Guide and Stay
  56. My Sav­ior Is Call­ing
  57. My Sav­ior Leads Me On
  58. No Thought of Sad­ness We’ll Ev­er Know
  59. Now the Day Is Fast De­clin­ing
  60. O Sing to Me the Sweet, Sweet Sto­ry
  61. O Sleep­er, Awake, Make No De­lay
  62. Of the Great Sal­va­tion
  63. Old, Old Sto­ry, The
  64. Once I Was Tra­vel­ing the Down­ward Road
  65. Only in Je­sus, the Fa­ther’s Own Son
  66. Our Guide Book Is the Word of God
  67. Our Sav­ior Has Said That He’ll Ne­ver For­sake
  68. Over Death’s Si­lent River
  69. Pilgrim of Earth, a Strang­er Am I, A
  70. Reapers, Rise, Lift Your Eyes
  71. Scatter the Seed of Faith
  72. Send the Bless­ed Gos­pel Sto­ry
  73. Since I My Sav­ior’s Call Obeyed
  74. Sing On
  75. Somebody Knows All Your Grief and Woe
  76. Somebody’s Frail Barque Was Drift­ing Away
  77. Sometime I Shall Be Called
  78. Strive to Scat­ter Sun­shine
  79. Tell Me of the Sav­ior Who on Cal­va­ry Died
  80. The Sav­ior Is Call­ing, Dear Sin­ner, To­day
  81. There Are Many Who Are Strang­ers
  82. There Is a Bright and Beau­ti­ful Man­sion
  83. There Is a Home of Rest, Wait­ing for All
  84. There Is a Place With­in
  85. There Is Work for Ear­nest Toil­ers
  86. There’s a Home of Pure De­light
  87. There’s a Light That Shines on Our Path­way Here
  88. There’s a Won­der­ful Hope That Is Sure
  89. There’s a Won­drous Theme Ring­ing
  90. Though in Life I’m Sore­ly Bur­dened with Care
  91. Though My Life Hath Ma­ny Sor­rows
  92. Though Tri­als Oft We Here Must Bear
  93. Through This Drea­ry Life
  94. ’Tis My Lord Who Knows All My Griefs and Woes
  95. ’Tis un­to Thee, My Lord, Will I
  96. To a Land of Rest
  97. ’Twas in His Death, That Christ, the Lord
  98. ’Twas Je­sus, Our Sav­ior, Who Suf­fered and Died
  99. Unto Je­sus Firm­ly I Here Will Cling
  100. We Are March­ing On­ward
  101. We Are Now up­on Our Way
  102. We Are Sail­ing on Life’s Ocean
  103. We Are Sol­diers True and Loy­al
  104. We Come To­night to Sing in Joy­ful Lays
  105. We’re a Faith­ful Pil­grim Band
  106. We’re a Hap­py Pil­grim Band
  107. We’re a Pil­grim Band
  108. What Won­der­ful Love Had My Sav­ior
  109. When I, from This Life, with Its Sor­row
  110. When Our Earth­ly Course Is Run
  111. When This Life Is End­ed
  112. When You Are Called to the Great
  113. When Your Way Seems Dark and Drea­ry
  114. Who Will Be for Je­sus?
  115. With Christ, My Lord, I’m Dai­ly Walk­ing
  116. With Joy O’er­flow­ing
  117. With My Sav­ior I’m Abid­ing
  118. Within My Heart There Is a Joyful Song
  119. Workers Are We Hap­py and Free
  1. Be Rea­dy to Go
  2. Beautiful
  3. Can We Count on You?
  4. Message of the King
  5. There’s No Night There

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