Tunes Needed

This page lists hymns for which we’re seeking  tunes matching their meters. In each section, we list the meter first, then the first stanza of the hymn. If you want to see the entire hymn, you can usually find it by Googling the first line. If you know where to get tunes that will fit the lyrics, please let us know!

We prefer existing hymn tunes, but if you’re a published composer, we welcome new tunes, as well. If submitting a new tune, please arrange in SATB, playable by piano or organ. Thanks!


They speak to me of princely Tyre,
That old Phoenician gem,
Great Sidon’s daughter of the north;
But I will speak of Bethlehem.

Horatius Bonar, 1861, alt.

I go to life and not to death;
From darkness to life’s native sky
I go from sickness and from pain
To health and immortality.


Let our farewell then be tearless,
Since I bid farewell to tears;
Write this day of my departure
Festive in your coming years.

Horatius Bonar, 1861.

Apostles of the risen Christ, go forth!
Let love compel.
Go, and in risen power proclaim his worth,
O’er every region of the dead, cold earth,
His glory tell!

Horatius Bonar, 1861.

See! where in shame the God of glory hangs,
All bathed in His own blood:
See! how the nails pierce with a thousand pangs
Those hands so good.

Translated by Edward Caswall from the Latin Aspice infami Deus ipse ligno
Lyra Messianica, p. 168