Tunes Needed

This page lists hymns for which we’re seek­ing tunes match­ing their me­ters. In each sec­tion, we list the meter first, then the first stan­za of the hymn. If you want to see the en­tire hymn, you can us­ual­ly find it by Goog­ling the first line. If you know where to get tunes that will fit the lyrics, please let us know!

We pre­fer ex­ist­ing hymn tunes, but if you’re a pub­lished com­po­ser, we wel­come new tunes, as well. If sub­mit­ting a new tune, please ar­range in SATB, play­a­ble by pi­a­no or org­an. Thanks!

The Christmas bells! what glad wild notes
They fling against the wintry sky,
And how their clanging iron throats
Catch back the echoes ere they die
For many hundred years ago
Was born into this world below,
A humble Babe—a mighty King—
Whose endless praise the angels sing,
While men adore.

Mary Frances Tupper, 1863

Apostles of the risen Christ, go forth!
Let love compel.
Go, and in risen power proclaim his worth,
O’er every region of the dead, cold earth,
His glory tell!

Horatius Bo­nar, 1861.

All hail! Holy day! We welcome again
With grateful rejoicing the morn
Which brought the glad news to the Judean plain
Of Jesus—Immanuel—born!

Emma F. R. Camp­bell, 1910